Best Twitter Apps for iPhone

When Twitter’s 140 characters is all you need to tell the world your thoughts, it just makes sense to have easy access to the site on your iPhone or iPod touch. But with a multitude of apps to choose from, picking the best Twitter apps can be a tough decision.

Here are the top Twitter-related Twitterrific Premium ($3.99) also don’t offer landscape support but both versions offer left-handed modes, the first I’ve seen among Twitter apps.

Multimedia tools         

Sometimes the dumb things you see on the street require photographic proof. All the Twitter apps I’ve used have support for easy linking to images, but if you’re partial to a certain photo host your choices might be limited.

TwitPic is universally supported (and the only option with Tweet and Echofon; Echofon Pro also supports Flickr) by all of these Twitter choices. Yfrog users can find support through TweetDeck, Tweetie, both Twitterrific and SimplyTweet. Mobypicture users are relegated to Tweetie, while Twit, and TwitrPix users should stick to SimplyTweet.

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

Another good one to sync with the desktop. Plus, just swipe to see DMs, mentions. Even check stats on how many times people click links.

Twit and Run

For those times when you want to send your tweet without loading anybody else’s.

And, hey, if you’re able to channel your inner-Spielberg on the iPhone 3GS, Echofon and Echofon Pro are some of the first Twitter apps to offer built-in video integration with TwitVid. Not too shabby.

Birdfeed – A very nice Twitter client

Beatiful UI. Shows DMs as conversations and very easy to use.
Multiple Accounts-Yes
Push Notifications-No

SimplyTweet 3 for Twitter

SimplyTweet is clean and simple. It used to be my app of choice prior to Tweetie2 release. I still have it installed and configured to receive push notifications of @replies and DMs.
Multiple Accounts-Yes (Hootsuite import)
Push Notifications-Yes

Managing multiple accounts

Most Twitter users have a personal account, but many are also in charge of updating business feeds, too. Whether you’re one of these employees or you just have multiple personalities, the ability to access multiple accounts easily is something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Free apps TweetDeck and Twitterrific both support multiple user names. Much of TweetDeck’s benefit is found when coupled with its desktop counterpart, however. Twitterrific also has a desktop version, but I found that its Twitter app was still pretty great as a standalone.

Pay apps Tweetie, Echofon Pro and SimplyTweet all offer support for multiple accounts, and I think you’d be happy with any of them—better not choose an app solely on this topic.

Twittelator Pro for Twitter

I liked the free version so much I upgraded to Pro within minutes. So many features it’s unbelievable! And I love how links are represented by paperclips in the tweets.


Absolutely gorgeous, Twitterrific actually makes me want to load Twitter and never leave.

Echofon for Twitter

I love how I can sync this with the Firefox Add-On. A simple and completely satisfying app.

Keep the conversation going

Part of Twitter’s allure is the ability to keep a constant conversation going, be it through direct messages or through retweets and replies.

All of the apps in this story allow for easy replying and retweeting, but SimplyTweet 2.0 capitalizes on iPhone 3.0’s push notification system, letting you know whenever your @username is mentioned on Twitter. The lag is about five to 10 minutes, but it’s a pretty handy perk if you ask me. Its conversation feature lets you view full threads with just a tap, also a boon if you reply often.

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