Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite helps you keep track of your health

First things first – you should know upfront what Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite is and is not. It is a great app for recording results of your blood pressure, pulse and weight measurements. It is not an app that automatically takes those measurements, however. So those who don’t either frequent a doctor that takes their blood pressure or have a blood pressure cuff of their own will find less use for this app than those that do.

That said, if you’re simply looking for a way to keep track of your blood pressure measurements on your own, Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite is a terrific tool for the job. Users can enter readings all throughout the day, even getting into specifics like “body position at time of measurement.” The app will then chart out the data so it can be viewed in both easy to understand table format or a more interesting graphical representation. There is even a stats page that shows the difference that taking the measurements in the AM and PM brings.

Once the data is entered, users also have the ability to export it via numerous file formats include plain text, PDF or Excel spreadsheet. This is a particularly handy feature if you need to quickly share medical results with someone else, and the degree to which you can send as little or as much data as needed has clearly been well thought out.

While it’s slightly disappointing that there isn’t a way for the app to take these measurements without an actual blood pressure cuff, the tracking and record keeping ability of Blood Pressure Monitor – Family Lite is truly impressive. If you find yourself needing to keep a close eye on the ebb and flow of your blood pressure, this great free app is the way to go.

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