Bloons pairs easy game mechanics with challenging levels

Children and adults alike will find lasting value in Bloons, which is based on and identical to the popular Flash game. What’s not to love about a monkey hurling guided darts at a multitude of colorful balloons (coined bloons by game creators)? It’s a dart-throw carnival game topped with sprinkles of imagination and worth every penny of its 99-cent cost, so don’t bother downloading the free version.

The objective of Bloons, a Digital Goldfish production, is to pop a required amount of balloons using a predetermined number of darts. The game play is so simple that a 4-year-old can figure it out. A higher amount of skill is necessary to advance from level to level. If you just want to have fun without limitations, touch the unlimited darts box and have yourself a dart-throwing frenzy.

The puncturing of special bloons- which include Tack, Triple Shot, Ice, Spikey, Bomb, and Light Sabre – cause an effect correlating to the bloon type. For example, an ice bloon freezes all neighboring bloons, making them impervious unless the dart happens to strike a nearby bomb bloon. Generous descriptions of the various types of bloons can be found under ‘Help’ in the Menu screen.

I enjoy simple games and Bloons is just that. It has over 150 levels divided into three packs as well as playful theme music. It also has a Level Editor mode that allows you to create and save up to 50 customizable levels. I had some difficulty finding the Level Editor because the game’s navigation is awkward. To get rid of any confusion, the developers of Bloons should consider adding a Level Editor button to the Main Menu.

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