Blue Mail – Simple, intuitive, reliable

Since an app’s design usually tells the majority of the story, let’s take a closer look at Blue Mail’s eye-pleasingly minimalist interface. To sum it up with a single expression, it is very matter-of-fact, though it pulls off the feat of remaining stylish without losing an iota of its functionality. The design is harmonious with the app’s essence expressed with a trio of words: simple, intuitive, reliable.

The experience of using Blue Mail brought back beautiful memories of Mailbox. You can mark your e-mails as “Done” or “Later”, getting them out of the way without deleting them, and also mark them as “Unread”, or, if all else fails, archive or delete them. Smart filters put the icing on the cake, with which you can filter e-mails by unread or starred. Regardless of the option you’ll choose, the execution will only require a swipe or a tap, or some combination of both.

Blue Mail’s strongest and most unique feature – especially in light of the app being all-free – is that it allows you to add as many e-mail accounts as your heart desires, making it perfectly suitable for freelancers, various professionals, and even smaller businesses. Thanks to its unified interface, it saves you a whole lot of your precious time and makes switching between e-mail accounts smooth sailing.

To add a few layers of the ever-important customization, you can set custom signatures and custom colors for each account, and configure quick replies so that you can respond to messages with the speed of light while you’re on the go. You can also fill up your calendar with events straight from e-mails, turn your e-mails into tasks you need to get done, and customize smart push notifications, including the “Do Not Disturb Mode”, which will save you from being bombarded with work-related e-mails while spending time with your friends and family or while sweating it out at the gym after a long day at the office.

The Smart Dynamic Conversation-feature makes e-mailing as easy as child’s play, and by giving you the option to add a plethora of contact information to your contacts – as opposed to only attaching a name to an e-mail address, which is what you’ll get from most e-mail management apps -, Blue Mail significantly simplifies your life. As a finishing touch, Blue Mail guarantees your e-mail privacy with a pair of security measures: Touch ID protection and an optional passcode.

All in all, Blue Mail delivers exactly what it promises in its three-word motto, as it truly is a simple, intuitive, and reliable e-mail management app in all its features, the quality of which not only rival, but often exceed the quality of the features included in Blue Mail’s not-free-of-charge competitors. Blue Mail is destined to achieve great things, we can only hope that it remains free despite all its upcoming success.

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