Bolton defends Alito amid flag controversy

"Alito Flag Controversy"

Ex-National Security Advisor John Bolton has defended Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito amid flag-related controversy associated with the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack. He rejected the notion that this could affect Alito’s Supreme Court impartiality.

Bolton emphasized Alito’s consistent commitment to upholding the constitution, stating an isolated incident couldn’t change this. He challenged the critics’ reaction to the incident, referring to it as a largely partisan move threatening the judiciary’s sanctity.

The former advisor called for evaluation of Supreme Court Justices based on their judicial conduct, rather than their associations or indirect involvements.

Bolton voiced his dissatisfaction with the interpretation of the American Revolution flag, associated with the Capitol protesters. He asked an unidentified Democratic Party official to clarify their stand on this in public.

Bolton is known for his critical views on former President Trump and his vigilance over possible threats to national security.

He expressed concern about the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, associated with the Revolutionary War and the “Stop the Steal” movement. This flag was found outside Alito’s New Jersey beach property during the crucial Supreme Court hearings on the Jan.

Bolton supports Alito over flag scandal

6 case.

Another symbol, an inverted American flag associated with the “Stop the Steal” movement, was seen outside Alito’s Virginia residence during the Capitol attack. Alito admitted his wife hung the flag during a community dispute but didn’t discuss its potential political significance.

Bolton argued that these patriotic symbols were not exclusive for Jan. 6 protesters. He criticized hasty judgments against Justice Alito or others who displayed the flag.

He dismissed attempts by critics to link these flags with the political views of radical “Stop the Steal” supporters who praised the flag displays at Alito’s properties.

In Bolton’s view, there was no valid ground for disqualifying Alito from future Jan. 6 cases. He mentioned that the flag incidents did not show Alito’s approval for the rioters and predicted severe consequences for those attempting to use this against Justice Alito.

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