Bravo Housewives Guide app doesn’t include catfights

You follow their drama on the Bravo network, and now you can follow them on your iPhone with the Bravo Housewives Guide app.

The app includes a list of eateries, salons and boutiques recommended by the pampered wives of the hit Bravo shows, “Real Housewives of New York,” “Orange County,” “New Jersey” and “Washing D.C.”

For example, Luann De Lesseps, of New York City fame, recommend Extra Virgin, a Mediterranean restaurant on 4th Street in the West Village. Do you have plans in Huntington Beach, Calif.? Well Lynne Curtin of “Real Housewives of Orange County” recommends Merrilee’s for swimwear.

Destination details include address, web site, services and average price, indicated by $ signs. You can search by show, category and neighborhood. If you come across something in the app that you want to revisit later, you can easily bookmark it for safe keeping.

The app might be a little more interesting if it told users when and where their favorite housewives were going to be. But there is no mention of public appearances.

But for people who want to model their lifestyle after the Bravo ladies, this might be a good references. The app does not include, thankfully, hookups, divorces or catfights. For that, you have to switch on the television.

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