Bump unveils brand new iPhone app for splitting payments

The idea of splitting the meal bill at a restaurant by handing a server two or multiple credit cards could be a thing of a past. That is, if the developer of the iconic Bump app have anything to do with it.

Powered with merchant processing technology from PayPal, Bump Pay is is a brand new free app (not just a feature in the existing app) that lets consumers share payment responsibilities by, you guessed it, bumping their smartphones together.

“We certainly could have put it into the Bump app, and in the future, that’s not totally out of the question,” Bump cofounder and CEO David Lieb told Fast Company. “But we wanted to test this idea out as a separate app to see if Bump Pay is interesting and useful enough to people, rather than conflating it with Bump right now.”

While there are other services that exist like this – including the free Venmo app for iOS and Android devices – it is tough to rival the reach and technological prowess of Bump Pay. Bump, which was the one billionth iPhone app downloaded nearly three years ago, now has 80 million users on iOS and Android devices. It is one of the most downloaded iPhone apps of all time. PayPal, of course, set the standard in digital payment processing. Bump technology is also used to power parts of the PayPal app.

Bump Pay, for now, is only available on iOS devices.

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