Call or Email: Pros and Cons

call or email

Communication is an integral part of working these days. Especially when you have to manage clients and employees remotely. And if you have a similar job – you must have thought at least once in your life – call or email.

Now, this debate is subjective. In some cases, you are better off calling someone than drafting an email that will be answered by them after 2-3 working days. Read on to find out more about call or email.

How To Decide Between Call Or Email?

There is a very simple way to do this. Whenever you are trying to reach out to someone, think about how they work. For example, if you’re trying to contact a plumber – it will be better to call than to email them.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to reach out to a very busy person – it will be better to send them an email than to call. But again, it depends on how the other person works. Before drafting the email, think about the person you’re trying to reach out to, and then choose between call or email.

Call or Email: What’s Better?

Again, this is a subjective question. In some cases, you will have to send an email for a proper response. And sometimes, a single phone call would be enough. On the other hand, some people will still intimate you to send them an email after the call. So, it does depend on the situation.

But if you still want to analyze the two – here are the pros and cons of email and call.

Pros of Email

Here are some advantages of using email as a mode of communication.

If you need to get in contact with multiple people, it’s better to send an email. Because you do not need to send different emails to people. All you need to do is change the names etc. In this way, you can reach out to multiple people simultaneously instead of calling them separately.

The email provides people with the opportunity to answer at their convenience. And, you may get a better response via email than call. It’s because people will get more time to relief too over your questions.

For sending out invites etc – email is an efficient way to inform people as it will save you tons of time. You won’t have to wait for people to answer. All you need to do is prepare and send that email.

Cons of Email

Here are some disadvantages of using email as a mode of communication.

  • When you call people, they will be obligated to answer (if they pick up). But when you send out an email – people can ignore you easily.
  • When you type out an email, the recipient cannot tell the tone of your message. It’s because a greater part of it is lost.
  • Emailing people back and forth can eat up a great chunk of your time.
  • Some people do not check their email regularly, so your message can get lost.

Pros of Phone Call

Here are a few advantages of calling people as a mode of communication.

  • Phone calls are quick. You can get done with the deal within a few minutes (or less).
  • You can judge the tone of the message on call better than on an email.
  • While being on call, you will be able to build a better understanding of the recipient. It is because the essence of their personality will reflect in their voice.
  • It is way easier to break down complex topics over call than via email. As it will be two-way communication. The issues will be resolved there and then.

Cons of Phone Call

Here are a few disadvantages of calling people as a mode of communication.

  • People are really busy with their routines. So, you can disturb someone with the call. And their response can get affected by the timing of your call.
  • Calling someone takes more effort. It’s because you have to be proactive to think about your responses. Meanwhile, while sending an email – you can do some research and then prepare your answers.
  • In order to call someone – you will have to take time out to be in a space where you can listen to them without any interruptions. For people who work in shared spaces – it can be a nuisance.

Call or email Everyone gets confused between the two. But, here is a simple way to choose between the two. Whenever you want to communicate with another person – think about their routine or workflow. If they are active on their email- you can send them an email and vice versa.

However, it also depends on the type of message that you are trying to communicate. If you think the conversation will require a constant back-and-forth pattern – then calling is a better option.

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