The Diet of Two Olympic Athletes: What Can We Learn

diet of two olympic athletes

There are many stories that go around regarding the diet plan of Olympic athletes. Around 2008 they were rumors that Michael Phelps an Olympic swimmer used to take a lot of calories (approx. 12k calories per day) while preparing for the Beijing Olympics. However, the myth was busted when the athlete mentioned in an interview […]

6 Difficulties with Staying Healthy Out of the Country, and How to Combat Them

staying healthy diet

Everyone enjoys international traveling. However, it can jeopardize your health since your routine is upended in a place completely new to you. Apart from this, you may also find it strenuous to adapt to the new environment, its food, water, and other local facilities. Here are six difficulties with staying healthy that you can face […]

Top 10 Spicy Chips

spicy chips

Spice chips and their fans are both increasing day by day due to the constant development of brands and types. No matter if you prefer a spicy or sweet flavor chip fiend, you will find out a lot of variations that will deliver a tasty kick. If spices are your thing, here are the top […]

The Best Cooking Apps for All Cooks (Amateurs to Professionals)

cooking apps

Cooking is not a gender-specific role; rather, it is a basic life skill that we all have to do at some point in life. Humans started cooking when they learned about fire, and over the course of time, it has turned into an art. Some of the best cooking apps have added extra benefits as […]

White Castle and Their Emerging 100-Robot Army of Burger Flippers

White Castle and its technology vendor, Miso Robotics, announce the unleashing of burger-flipping robots to 100 standalone locations.

Since 1912, White Castle has been a regional hamburger restaurant and the first fast-food pioneer in the world. Now after more than 100 years, this restaurant chain has introduced a robot army on a large scale. The French fries you ordered from any White Castle location might have been prepared with the help of robots. […]

Food Industry Technology – 5 Amazing Innovations

Food Industry Technology

Many people believe technology is taking over the world, and they may be correct to a certain extent. Food industry technology is having a powerful impact on both how food is produced and what we eat. Here are five instances in which technology has an impact on the food you eat:   Food Industry Technology […]

Food Allergies: Apps to Help You Stay Safe

Have food allergies? Companies are making apps that let you scan your food choices or locate restaurants that prepare allergy-friendly meals.

Have food allergies? Companies are making apps that let you scan your food choices or locate restaurants that prepare allergy-friendly meals. When you have severe food allergies, every trip to the grocery store can feel like a minefield. In addition, every dinner out might feel like a threat rather than a treat. If this is […]

Eat Your Heart Out Apps

Visiting a new city, planning a romantic date or simply need a mid-week pick me up it can be difficult to find the perfect restaurant to suit your taste buds but don’t worry because there are a number of apps that have been designed just for these situations.

ChefsFeed – The Caviar of Food Reviews

Given that there are a vast number of restaurants and bars available for diners, multiple solutions that help users decide on where to eat or drink based on their preferences have emerged in the mobile space. For example, Urbanspoon and OpenTable are apps that make recommendations based on algorithms and reviews left by previous visitors, although these are typically a hit-or-miss in terms of overall satisfaction. Without making blatant recommendations for readers that sometimes provide no value, ChefsFeed is a food recommendation and discovery app that deviates from the traditional recommendation tools by integrating social elements into the user experience.

In The Kitchen With Your IPad

Cooking is hard. Everyone is always telling how to become a better cook, but it’s so hard to get beyond the “noodles and pasta every night” phase without some serious help.

EatOpine is an Epic Foodies App

Searching for new places to eat can be both exciting and a hassle given the variety of restaurants that are available. While different sources of food critics such as Yelp have been oversaturated with professional critics and is often not regarded as the most reliable source of information, various apps have emerged in the space to identify the best foods by users, for users. EatOpine is one such app that is designed to democratize the rating process for various foods and restaurants in a community setting.

Top iOS Apps for Learning How to Cook

Learning how to cook can be an extremely rewarding skill to learn that is both satisfying and impressive to many. Although the basics of cooking should be learned by everyone, the time, skill, and money that must be dedicated can be a significant barrier for those who opt for simpler meals or eating out. To eliminate these deterrents, many different apps have been designed to ease the process from sourcing ingredients to learning the recipes. This article delves into these apps which can help new and veteran chefs improve their cooking abilities.