Appolicious Showcase: Listick

If you own a smartphone or tablet computer, chances are that you have used the device at some point for in-aisle shopping. Listick – Easy-to-Use Grocery Shopping List and Expense Tracker is a new and super easy-to-use grocery shopping list app that lets you share your lists with others in the cloud. Download Listick to […]

Scout out new beauty products with these fabulous iPhone apps

Your iPhone is blooming with beauty apps to help you shake up your daily makeup, hair and nail routine. If you are looking for some beautiful inspiration on how to be more stylish without spending a lot of dough, check out these iPhone apps for some fabulous beauty insight. DailyCandy Scout (Free) The trendy e-newsletter […]

Have a saucy summer with these romantic iPhone apps

You finished all the Fifty Shades of Grey books and the “Bachelorette” rose ceremonies are almost over. Where are you going to turn for your summer dose of romance now? Well put down the books, turn off the television, and pick up your iPhone because we have just what the love doctor ordered in the […]

Keep your cool during a sweltering summer with these iPhone apps

When summer first comes, it teases us with warm days and cool breezes. But by the middle of summer, it is so hot we can barely think straight let alone get to work without sweating through our freshly dry cleaned white work shirt. While clinical-strength deodorant can certainly help, some sweltering summer days we just […]

Try the Happy Scales app for weight loss motivation

Raise your hand if you hate getting on the scale every morning to measure your weight. Ugh, we hate it. Scales are evil, especially on Monday mornings after a long weekend of parties. How did I manage to gain five pounds in two days? Double ugh. Looking for a happier way to keep track of […]

Pet Poison Help iPhone app could save your pet’s life

Even the most watchful pet owners can find themselves in a state when Fido gets into something he shouldn’t, like when my pup ate a silica packet yesterday (he’s fine). But with so many potential dangers out there for your pets, it’s hard to know all of them and when to take serious measures. That’s […]

Salivate and sweat with these iPhone apps for spring break

Who’s ready to party? That’s right folks, it’s almost time for spring break 2012. Whether you plan to hit the beach in Florida, surf for hot babes in California, take a road trip to the nearest campground, or just relax in town, check out some of these iPhone apps to have a fabulous break worth […]

Real Recipes’ spinner makes figuring out dinner fun again

You can never have too many options for dinner and that’s why’s new recipe app Real Recipes is worth a look. Real Recipes, for iPhone and iPod Touch, is jam-packed with dishes pulled from, and its interface will help you make your dining decisions in a flash. My favorite feature of Real Recipes […]

iPhone apps to plan and prep for your Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to throw a party whether your team is in the big game or not. You can go high-class with a full menu of hors d’oeuvres, or simply grab your iPhone and order pizza in for your guests. Whatever you decide, make it easy to plan and prepare by […]

Set your New Year’s resolutions with these iPhone apps

Raise your hand if you’ve ever joined a gym in January. How many times did you actually go? Save yourself some pocket book pain this New Year and make realistic resolutions that will improve your life one day at a time. Peruse some of these iPhone apps to help get you started on the journey […]

Appetites’ Easy as Pie turns novices into baking pros

Whether you’re on Team Cake or Team Pie, the holidays are the perfect time to expand your baking repertoire (calories don’t count in December, do they?) If you’re new to pie-making, or looking for some updated recipes, Appetites’ Easy as Pie for universal iDevice is a great jumping-off point. Although the app boasts its share […] is limited, but might save you cash

Many of us shopped to our heart’s content this past weekend, capitalizing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday pricing, but a sour economy and struggling retailers might mean the best deals are still to come. But iPhone users who don’t want to spend December scouring the Sunday ads and online specials can let do […]