Pet Poison Help iPhone app could save your pet’s life

Even the most watchful pet owners can find themselves in a state when Fido gets into something he shouldn’t, like when my pup ate a silica packet yesterday (he’s fine). But with so many potential dangers out there for your pets, it’s hard to know all of them and when to take serious measures. That’s where Pet Poison Help for iPhone and iPod Touch can be your guide.

Created by Minneapolis-based Pet Poison Helpline, Pet Poison Help has a comprehensive database of more than 250 potential dangers to your animals. Each entry features a large expandable photo, a toxicity level (mild, moderate, severe), what species are affected, symptoms and a full description of the poison in question. The database is presented in an alphabetical order and covers poisons for dogs, cats, cows, horses and birds, which you can filter by species. I do wish you could search the app by symptoms in addition to poison name, but perhaps that’s something that could be added in a future update.

Although the Pet Poison Help app doesn’t provide specific instructions for each individual poison, it does provide two sets of general instructions—one thorough, one simple—should your animal ingest something toxic. The app also provides a direct call button to the Pet Poison Helpline, which is serviced 24-hours a day, seven days per week.

I wish Pet Poison Help was a free app, but a dollar is a small price to pay to have this information at your fingertips.

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