PocketSports Football needs more practice

Blitz Football Pro, are entertaining but incorporate only field-goal kicking or quarterback challenges for the sake of setting high scores. PocketSports Football is a more ambitious game. The full version

Memory Match pairs well with preschool set

At first glance, this memory matching puzzle app seemed like just another of the many available for young children.  But after I downloaded the game, my 5-year-old daughter asked to

With iPhone, Stars Wars love shines like a light saber

I am a Star Wars geek. There, I said it. Because thanks to a burgeoning selection of entertaining iPhone apps (and Natalie Portman), it’s finally possible to foster a Star Wars obsession in public without invoking Comic-Con. Whether you’re working on an encyclopedic knowledge of Cloud City architecture or still performing Darth-Maul-inspired stage-fighting sessions in your garage, here are a few apps to help you fuel the fire.


Top Work-Life Balance Memes of 2023

The current generation is dealing with a big crisis. As inflation is going through the roof, everyone is trying hard to make ends meet. In

10 Quotes about Company Culture

Company culture is highly important in a workplace. If you’re working a job that pays you really well but you cannot seem to build an

Gas Stations Snacks Ranked

Gas stations are necessary for people during road trips. People stop by to fill up their tanks before or during a journey. However, gas stations

Top 10 Apps for Teens

People utilize numerous applications on their Androids, iPhones, and computers daily. In everyone’s daily lives, people use apps to make their lives more comfortable and

Campfire Spray: Scam or Legitimate?

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh campfire? Even the sound of the fire igniting and as the flames keep getting larger can excite