God of Word, a word game with a twist

God of Word takes place in the world of Greek mythology, and the setting of the entire game is a play being put on for the Gods. The opening cut-scene sets the story for the game; Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, is injured. That’s where you come in, as his apprentice, to take over to deliver the Gods’ mail, no matter how difficult or dangerous that task may be. Other than a couple of cut-scenes, and some text after each act, that’s about all the story you’re going to get from God of Word.

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Scrabble Reborn with Even Steven Word Game

The evolution of Scrabble has led to one of the most widely known word-based board games to be created. Initially called Lexico, then Criss Cross Words, and then finally Scrabble, the development of the game has now migrated from simply being played on a physical board to now being accessible on mobile devices where players are able to take their time when competing with others. In one such iteration of the game, Even Steven Word Game provides several unique twists which make it more intriguing than the original version that many are accustomed to.

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