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Future Tech Jobs – 6 Cool New Careers

Indeed, what the experts are saying is true. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, collectively known as STEM, will have the largest demand for workers in

News Apps to Keep You Up To Date

Every app offers a different way of staying up-to-date with the latest news, from videos reports to glossy magazine style apps.

Best Apps for Keeping up with the News

The speed at which news is transmitted around the world is nearly instantaneous with the different forms of media that are available. From printed news to online videos, several different sources are available to keep those who are interested in the loop regarding current events. Furthermore, an increasing number of categories are available for readers which range from politics to technology, ensuring that there is something of interest for nearly every reader. One of the most popular places for news consumption is the mobile phone which introduces a new degree of accessibility and convenience that is not associated with traditional television or printed news. With so many news related apps available, this article discusses the ones that are the best for a variety of usages.

Top IOS Apps for Keeping Up with News

With information on events from around the world being accessible to billions of people in a matter of minutes, news is one of the most connecting pieces of content that is available today. As news becomes less physical to encompass a more digital presence, many news based apps are available on the App Store which covers various niches from international events to those that are more domestic. Whether users are students who are reading the news to be more informed to professionals who rely on the news to make crucial decisions, this article lists the best ones that cover the latest events for nearly any category and demographic.

Ignoring Irrelevant News with inkl

The volume of available news that readers are exposed to on a daily basis continues to increase substantially, making it difficult to keep up with current events. From financial, to political, to even celebrity news, current methods of aggregating news sources fails to tailor content to the preferences of its reader, making it difficult to find desired stories.

Newspaper app serves 50 dailies, but no more

The Internet serves as a nearly infinite feast for news junkies. Organization is an ongoing challenge, however, as creating bookmarks and remembering URLs can be daunting and cumbersome.  The Newspaper iPhone App is one limited solution to this problem.