Trending – Did Google Copy Twitter?

The most recent update made to the Google search app includes the ability to see what the current trending searches are. Although trending is a feature that is commonly associated with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the integration of this to the search engine is regarded as a shrewd move that resembles Facebook mimicking the “story” feature of Snapchat. Despite being similar in nature, there are significant differences between the two features that blur the line on whether or not they are similar enough to be regarded as a copy.

Protecting Your iPhone With These 6 Types of Security Apps

Apple is known for first-rate security built into their operating systems. Their sandboxing method restricts the access of all apps to limited directories, making it nearly impossible to succumb to a security threat. However, ‘nearly’ is the operative word here.

The Best Watch Apps All Horology Fanatics Must Have on their iPhone

Although smart watch sales have skyrocketed in the past couple of years – shout out to the Apple Watch! -, mechanical and quartz timepieces still reign supreme. Smart watches are the embodiments of the hard-to-keep-up-with technological advancement of the new millennium, and are surefire items on the bucket list of any gadget collector, but the moment you experience what it feels like to have a high-end, handcrafted, carefully designed mechanical watch on your wrist, you’ll helplessly fall in love. To put our own, context-respecting twist on a well-known proverb: once you go mech, you never go back. To help you find the watch of your dreams, and to give you a helping hand in expanding your horology knowledge, we’ve put together a compilation of the best iPhone watch apps. Read it now, because time is ticking away!

Hidden Callers No More With Hiya

Process automation has benefit humanity in a variety of areas, notably in manufacturing industries and even in everyday life. While automation serves to benefit society, its uses also comprises of tactics which may serve to cause inconvenience and annoyance. To many, a major source of annoyance is not only spam, but also automated robocalls, telemarketers, and bill collectors that seem to call at the most inconvenient moments.

Regular Messages No More – Raptoonz

Where words fail to convey the full breadth of messages, emojis and other graphics such as gifs and videos are utilized to emphasis meaning and emotions. The growth of these image-based communication methods have prompted a massive influx of different variation of emojis to include those based around cartoons, magic, and even other people.

Rocket VPN – Protect your privacy and enjoy internet freedom

With all the wonders the internet and smartphones have brought to the world, they have also unleashed an abundance of unsettling privacy issues. Even with the most basic online activities, you are at the mercy of malevolent third parties licking their chops over the thought of getting access to your personal information – including your identity, location, and web traffic. Before you completely unplug yourself and your phone from the interwebs, don’t do it, because VPN apps providing all-around safeguarding solutions are only a download away!

Top Navigation Apps for iOS

For drivers and those navigating a new area, GPS and physical maps prove to be a highly useful tool. However, as technology has developed, GPS devices are still expensive and often bulky while maps are outdated and a hassle to use. Opposite to this, modern phones contain the ability to utilize resources such as satellites and networks to detect location as well as find optimal routes. While there are countless navigation apps available on the App Store, few provide enough utility to be recognized as a daily essential. In this article, we list the top navigational apps based on a stringent criteria of usability, accuracy, and differentiating factor.

Increased online anonimity and security with Windscribe VPN app

Opportunities to learn, work, and browse information on the internet have made it one of the most sought after resources in history. Despite pouring millions into technology designed to enhancing security, corporations and individuals alike have been vulnerable to malicious attacks that expose sensitive information or corrupt devices. 

Say goodbye to repetition and hello to automation

More often than not, we have to perform a task on our iOS device(s), that involves some kind of repetition. Whether it be sending a template message (“Can you pick me up at 2pm?”), making a phone call or viewing the local weather report. Either way this can be a tedious and time consuming process – one which can easily be avoided.

WiFi Analyzer: Achieving Network Security

The growing interconnectedness of everyday devices raises numerous questions regarding the stability of network security. As hacking is an occurrence that is regularly a news topic, the vulnerability of wireless access points are exemplified in mobile devices, computers, and even cars. While vast developments have been made to counter such malicious digital attacks, the majority of device users are left unprotected under the notion that a password is all that is required to keep their networks safe.

The emerging market of digital wallets

The era of physical cash and bank cards that currently dominate transactions is now gradually being phased out by the introduction of digital wallets, particularly that of Apple Pay. While cash may be king, it fails to be the king of speed with the development of wireless technology.

Get and share your digital business card with Qriouz

Qriouz (read: curious) app does what conventional business card simply can not do. We live in digital society and most of the office tools transcended phyisical space and turned into apps. But not the business card. Why? Because it only offers limited interaction with the digital space. The number of platforms we connect on today has risen and the classic business card cannot facilitate them all in a way that it would still be practical.