When It Comes to Tech, Sometimes Less Is More

relationship with tech

Everyone has had that moment where they’re so disgusted with their relationship with tech they want to disconnect and go off the grid. Maybe it comes from opening your phone and seeing too many meaningless notifications. Perhaps you saw a Facebook post of someone complaining and couldn’t take it anymore. Whatever the reason, it’s important […]

Technology is Improving the Transit Passenger Experience

Technology is Improving the Transit Passenger Experience

Mass transit has been the backbone of our nation’s transportation infrastructure for centuries. Now, technology is improving it. From San Francisco’s historic cable cars to New York City’s Grand Central Station, public transit has helped define the character of major cities. At the same time, it has been the means of allowing them to grow. […]

White Castle and Their Emerging 100-Robot Army of Burger Flippers

White Castle and its technology vendor, Miso Robotics, announce the unleashing of burger-flipping robots to 100 standalone locations.

Since 1912, White Castle has been a regional hamburger restaurant and the first fast-food pioneer in the world. Now after more than 100 years, this restaurant chain has introduced a robot army on a large scale. The French fries you ordered from any White Castle location might have been prepared with the help of robots. […]

Automated Farming Robots: Five Awesome Use Cases

Automated farming robots use artificial intelligence technology and computer vision to increase their efficiency in agriculture use.

Automation has found its way into almost all industries. Many industries have adopted automation to reduce human efforts and boost productivity to meet customer demands. Recently, automated farming robots are being used for various agricultural practices. They minimize the intensive hard work required for farming and save a lot of time. As a result, the […]

Drones: The Future Possibilities

Drones are also widely known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. These flying little robots are blessings for the future of mankind.

Drones are also widely known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. Many also call them miniature pilotless aircraft. These flying little robots are capable of reaching places that are hard for people to reach. In comparison to helicopters, flying at low altitudes allows them to obtain clear and high-quality photos. Drones are also capable of […]

The Most Bizarre Examples of Industrial Robots

There is a variety of industrial robots that you can see today, therefore no "catalog" about this topic can possibly be inclusive enough.

Everyone wants to enjoy a luxurious and easy life. Don’t you? Robotics has converted this dream into reality and taken over the production areas of industries around the globe. The main purpose behind the use of industrial robots is to increase overall production output, enhance worker safety, and automate work while reducing operating costs. With […]

The Innovative Technology Behind American ‘Kamikaze Drones’

Kamikaze drones can fly expeditiously without being tracked by the naked eye. These drones are programmed to strike the desired target.

The creation of a small drone furnished with a warhead and a video camera adjustable in a rucksack was inevitable. It was supposed to be a Kamikaze-style drone, able to fly and hunt the target it was considered to fire. So, how did Kamikaze drones come into existence? Let’s find out. The Rise of Kamikaze […]

Behind the Science of AI Innovation: Five Fascinating Facts

In this article, you will find five fascinating — and mind-bending — facts related to AI that don't typically get much public attention.

With every passing day, artificial intelligence (AI) is receiving immense recognition worldwide, especially during the pandemic. In 1955, AI was developed by John McCarthy who described AI as a quick means of doing any task that normally requires natural intelligence. In recent years, AI has been used to build robots or agents that can mimic […]

The Status of Tesla Autopilot: How Much Longer to Launch?

Everyone is wondering about the status of the Tesla Autopilot. How much longer will it be until this product comes to market?

Automated machines have transformed various aspects of society to make our lives easier. We’ve all been dreaming of a future where cars will be driving themselves and flying cars will be seen in the sky. Well, the future is already here for self-driving cars. The revolutionary tech businessman Elon Musk made it possible with his […]

The Future of Automation: The 5 Most Innovative Autonomous Robots

Previously, the most famous autonomous robots were only part of our fictional universe. They now encompass millions of startups globally.

Previously, the most famous autonomous robots known to the world were only part of our fictional universe. Meanwhile, the real world has happily introduced devices with amazing technological breakthroughs that have excitingly modified the principles of robotics. The technology has revolutionized the field of machines and applied artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and 3D printing […]

Wearable Gait Technology – Improving Physical Therapy

Wearable Gait Technology

Americans walk 3,000-4,000 steps every day on average. Walking is normal behavior that most people take for granted. The way people walk is a major predictor of injury, overall health, and recovery. Wearable gait technology is now making strides in improving diagnosis and treatments in physical therapy. Innovators from Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering have […]

Tech Refresh: Take a Deep Breath and Renew

Everything deserves a fresh start. Here are some tech refresh strategies to improve your digital security, productivity, and organization.

Everything deserves a fresh start. Here are some tech refresh strategies to improve your digital security, productivity, and organization. 1. Take inventory of your valuables. A good way to start your tech refresh is to take inventory. Making a list of what you own can be a lifesaver in the event of a disaster or […]