Behind the Science of AI Innovation: Five Fascinating Facts

In this article, you will find five fascinating — and mind-bending — facts related to AI that don't typically get much public attention.

With every passing day, artificial intelligence (AI) is receiving immense recognition worldwide, especially during the pandemic. In 1955, AI was developed by John McCarthy who described AI as a quick means of doing any task that normally requires natural intelligence. In recent years, AI has been used to build robots or agents that can mimic […]

The Status of Tesla Autopilot: How Much Longer to Launch?

Everyone is wondering about the status of the Tesla Autopilot. How much longer will it be until this product comes to market?

Automated machines have transformed various aspects of society to make our lives easier. We’ve all been dreaming of a future where cars will be driving themselves and flying cars will be seen in the sky. Well, the future is already here for self-driving cars. The revolutionary tech businessman Elon Musk made it possible with his […]

The Future of Automation: The 5 Most Innovative Autonomous Robots

Previously, the most famous autonomous robots were only part of our fictional universe. They now encompass millions of startups globally.

Previously, the most famous autonomous robots known to the world were only part of our fictional universe. Meanwhile, the real world has happily introduced devices with amazing technological breakthroughs that have excitingly modified the principles of robotics. The technology has revolutionized the field of machines and applied artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and 3D printing […]

Wearable Gait Technology – Improving Physical Therapy

Wearable Gait Technology

Americans walk 3,000-4,000 steps every day on average. Walking is normal behavior that most people take for granted. The way people walk is a major predictor of injury, overall health, and recovery. Wearable gait technology is now making strides in improving diagnosis and treatments in physical therapy. Innovators from Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering have […]

Tech Refresh: Take a Deep Breath and Renew

Everything deserves a fresh start. Here are some tech refresh strategies to improve your digital security, productivity, and organization.

Everything deserves a fresh start. Here are some tech refresh strategies to improve your digital security, productivity, and organization. 1. Take inventory of your valuables. A good way to start your tech refresh is to take inventory. Making a list of what you own can be a lifesaver in the event of a disaster or […]

Robotics Will Change the Future: 10 Amazing Ways

Robotics Will Change The Future

Technology is having an impact on every aspect of our lives. With all the advancements we’ve already seen, it can be expected that robotics will change the future in many ways. The next time you’re looking for an example of how robotics are shaping our lives, consider the self-serve gas pump. When gas stations began, […]

Foldable Phones: Some Pros and Cons

Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are not necessarily a new technology. However, with innovations in how this technology is used, we are seeing new and exciting changes in our devices. While some of the changes are more interesting than practical, in these cases, the interesting often precedes the practical. Therefore, perhaps we can put up with some of […]

How Technology Is Affecting Charities

Technology Affecting Charities

In today’s digitally-centered world, technology is affecting charities in various ways. In fact, the use of technology is having an impact on the entire charity sector. According to recent research, nonprofits with a digital strategy outperform those without. In addition, 92 percent of digitally-focused charities predict greater donations and productivity. Furthermore, their efficiency is higher […]

New Features on Alexa – Making Remote Work Easier

New Features on Alexa

COVID-19 rearranged life worldwide and many are still navigating working from home and the unique stresses that come with it. This trend of remote work will most certainly continue for years to come. New features on Alexa are making this lifestyle easier than ever. According to a recent survey, 58 percent of 4,612 people polled […]

Smart City Robotics – Some Unusual Uses

Smart City Robotics

Domestic robots have never been more popular than they are right now. Domestic robot sales are expected to expand from $4.3 billion in 2019 to $10 billion in 2023. However, smart city robotics is a lesser-known area where robots are being used. Most households use domestic robots primarily for cleaning. This includes laundry management, vacuuming, […]

The Metaverse: 3D World Transformation in Real-time


The Metaverse is here and ready to change the world by introducing another reality. If you’re creative and have a passion for technology, you’re likely familiar with the terms virtual reality and augmented reality. However, this article will look at how the Metaverse can impact the world. You can create immersive online platforms for your […]

Space Technology: Helping To Protect the Earth

Space Technology

Satellite technology has long been used for predicting the weather. In addition, meteorological forecasts operate as early warning systems for extreme weather events. Now, scientists are using satellites and other space technology to reduce climate change and safeguard animals and communities. These devices track sea levels, atmospheric gases, and the planet’s changing temperature, among other […]