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Best iPhone Apps to Add Your Watermark on Photos

Modern technology has made it truly simple to share photographs today. Through the variety of social media channels, photo-sharing websites, or email we can easily share with friends, followers, and

High Tech Pollution Solutions - Clear Skies Ahead!

4 High-Tech Pollution Solutions

It’s true that both regulatory and market-based approaches to air pollution have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, new inventions don’t always have the same cost-benefit ratio as

Technology Improves Our Lives

How Technology Improves Our Lives

Here are a few examples of how technology improves our lives and is having a huge positive impact on people outside of the business world. While most technology has been

Sleep Technology: Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Sleep Technology: Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Sleep technology as an industry is flourishing. It’s an exciting time of invention with many devices aiming to improve sleep. The sleep technology product list keeps growing. There are wearables


Rumgr offers Mobile Marketplace for Random Wares

Spring-cleaning is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to empty your cupboards and unload that stuff you never use (says the semi-hoarder, don’t judge). Freecycle and Craigslist

takuache silverado

Takuache Meme: A Needed Chevy Commercial

While takuache is another word for, “possum,” it also refers to a type of young man. This young man most likely drives a Chevy Silverado, and rolls around saying the


11 Work-Life Balance Quotes

Poor work-life balance leads to stress. The reason behind this is that employees want to do more work in minimum time. This perceived need of

Top Work-Life Balance Memes of 2023

The current generation is dealing with a big crisis. As inflation is going through the roof, everyone is trying hard to make ends meet. In

10 Quotes about Company Culture

Company culture is highly important in a workplace. If you’re working a job that pays you really well but you cannot seem to build an