Change your appearance with these silly apps

FatBooth (Free)

Instantly gain weight with this app that allows you to see what you’d look like if you were fat. I bet no more sugar in your coffee. If you are looking for enemies, just convert their photos with this app, the result will be phenomenal. There are more fatness levels for dedicated fat makers.


AgingBooth (Free)

Want to see what you’ll look like when you’re old? Use this app to find out. It works so well that my processed photo exactly looks like my granddaddy. Just shake your phone to convert a photo and be 40 years older – excellent photo for your social profiles…

BaldBooth (Free)

Lose your hair – at least in a photo. I hate this app so much that I can’t stop using it. I don’t know why but one of my worst fear is losing my hair. It is so terrible to see my photos converted with this app, I will have a nightmare, guaranteed!


BoothStache (Free)

This is simply funny. Test your face with different mustache styles. How different one can be just from such a small change. Maybe you will love your funny photo so much that you start growing a mustache.

UglyBooth (Free)

This is another funny app which is not designed to hurt you. Most suitable for those who looks gorgeous anyway.

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