ChimpKey Keyboard – Challenging Traditional Forms of Texting

Texting has evolved. From simple text-based communication, GIFs and emojis have become the new methods of sending messages. As different as this might be, GIFs and emojis are starting to constitute an extra layer to the method in which users interact with friends and family over instant messages or texts. The integration of multiple media formats through the ChimpKey Keyboard app provides its users with a completely new chat experience. Instead of having to leave the messenger app and then opening the web app in order to find the meme or GIF, save it, and then sharing it, the app performs all of these features right on the keyboard as a way to save users time from leaving the app. Besides GIFs, emojis, and memes, users can also search for cartoons, quotes, and anime to integrate into the conversation. Once the users knows a bit of the description of what they want, simply typing it will bring out several options to choose from.

Although the functions offered by ChimpKey Keyboard are able to streamline the process of finding and sending multi-media attachments to messages, several other messaging apps have already begun to integrate multi-functional keyboards into their app.  For example, Textra and Facebook Messenger have similar tools which enable users to quickly attach emojis, GIFs, and other images into the messages as well as utilizing the search function. However, the wide range of available attachments on ChimpKey Keyboard far surpasses the options provided by competing apps. For example, Facebook Messenger only has GIFs, emojis, and text while the app offers those as well as cartoons and quotes to compliment the other attachments, although these come in the form of in-app purchases.

To further express messages beyond just utilizing text, ChimpKey is able to send a wide range of media as to better capture feelings and emotions in the form of GIFs, emojis, cartoons, quotes, and video straight from the app. With so many options available, a search function is also included to allow users to quickly find the specific item that they are looking for, making it one of the most efficient and creative keyboard apps available on the App Store.

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