Classic Board Games with a Mobile Twist

Below are five of your favorite classic games with a mobile twist:

Really Bad Chess (iOS, Android)

Really Bad Chess takes one of the most popular games in the world and adds a fun twist that ensures a new and challenging experience with every game. All of the rules of chess that you have come to expect are still in play, however, all of the pieces are random, you could find yourself playing with 5 queens or only one castle every game is different.

Due to the random element of the game, it is a game that is not just enjoyable for chess lovers but also for new players who aren’t confident with the rules and just want to have a quick and fun game. Really Bad Chess quickly becomes addictive and leaves you curious as to what pieces you’ll get in the next game.

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Flipflop Solitaire (iOS)

Flipflop Solitaire takes the traditional card game spider and breaks all the rules to create a new and slightly crazy version that quickly becomes addictive. All of the normal rules for stacking cards are gone instead you can stack up, down or even both ways, meaning that stacking a 3 on a 2 is no longer a problem that could stop you from winning the game. There is, however, one limit you can only create stacks that contain one suit and remember you don’t want to trap cards that you might later need to win the game.

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Pictionary (iOS, Android)

Pictionary is a must for any family game night and you can now be played even while on the move from your phone. Practice you Pictionary skills ready for the next big game night or simply have fun while creating beautiful works of art.  Pictionary comes with two game modes, the first allows you to create masterpieces in a timeless mode, while the second challenges you to race against the clock or your opponent in order to be crowned Pictionary winner.

Pictionary provides you with all of the drawing tools you could need to start drawing and show off your creative side. A new extra is the ability to save your drawings, allowing you to build a collection of your artwork.

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Jeopardy! World Tour (iOS, Android)

Ever thought that you have the knowledge to be part of the famous TV game show Jeopardy well now you can put your knowledge to the test and all from your phone. Travel around the world with your host Alex Trebek as you showcase your knowledge with thousands of clues and categories, in order to become the Jeopardy world champion.

You can play with friends or challenges players from across the world, earning power-ups as you climb the global leaderboard and prepare to become the champion.

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New Yahtzee with Buddies Dice (iOS, Android)

New Yahtzee takes a popular dice game and adds a 21st-century twist with bright modern graphics and the ability to play online with friends as well as people from across the world. There are a number of different Yahtzee modes including Yahtzee bingo and tournaments where you can win prizes including custom dice and be crowned Yahtzee master.

As the name suggests New Yahtzee with Buddies is all about being social and hanging out with your buddies while having some dice fun and to ensure that socializing is easier than ever the app includes extensive chat functions.

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