Clean-Up your iPhone or iPad Camera Roll

Cleaning up is rarely something you enjoy to do, neither in the real world nor digitally on your computers and mobile devices. These days, many people return from their vacation with their camera roll full of photos that need to be organised and cleaned up. PixCompare focuses on the cleaning-up part by identifying duplicates or similar photos, that could be deleted from their devices.

PixCompare developed by Lakehorn AG, a small app development company located in Bern, Switzerland, is fairly simple to use – you just use “search camera roll”, and the app does the rest. An overview will appear with all duplicate candidates, grouped by similarity. Once search is finished, you can start to select files for deletion, or you can go to the detail screen for each photo, zoom in, or check some of the properties to determine which of the photo you want to keep.


PixCompare uses parts of the actual photo to compare them to one another, also including additional photo properties, like location and date. Comparing the full picture would not be practical on several thousands of photos as it would take way to long to run. Due to this specific comparison technique, PixCompare will not find 100% of all similar photos, and it might also present some photos that are not really similar. Still, it will help you to clean-up a big chunk of unwanted photos from your camera roll and thus save precious storage on the device.

PixCompare is available for all iOS devices with iOS 8.4 or higher. It is free to download and use, but it requires a one-time in-App purchase to enable the actual delete functionality. ($0.99 in the US)


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