Clear tops iOS Apps of the Week

This week’s top iOS apps are all about finding new things. There are apps to help you learn new words, apps to help you find new music, apps to help you find new hot spots and apps to help you find presidential landmarks. If that’s not enough, there’s an app to help you organize your life. So keep reading and enjoy the best this week has to offer.

Clear ($0.99)

First, to get a few things out of the way, Clear is a very simple app. It is a task-oriented list that offers little in the way of bonus features. You can not set due dates for items, or set up notifications if you’re near one of your list’s goals. What you can do is quickly create categories and list the things you need to do that fall under these categories. You can also sort these listed items by priority and quickly swipe to erase them when they’ve been completed. Visually cool to look at but not otherwise mind-blowing, Clear is the to-do list for those who just want to get their stuff done and move on.

Localmind (Free)

Whether you’re new to an area or a longtime resident, nothing is more fun than discovering great new places. Localmind’s latest update takes that idea one step further by letting its users ask each other about the top spots. Localmind users can simply type a message like, “Where’s the best burger in Chicago?” and other users can respond with their thoughts, giving you plenty of options for your currently burger-less belly.

MTV Music Meter (Free)

If you find it’s hard to keep up with the latest in music, allow MTV Music Meter to lend a hand. The app offers a list of up-and-coming artists that users can comb through to purchase music (via an in-app iTunes download), see the latest news on an artist, and even upcoming tour dates and social media updates. Users can also browse through the app freely to check out the artist pages for over 1 million different musicians.

SAT Vocab – Mindsnacks (Free)

If you’re trying to ace the SATs, there’s no reason not to go in as prepared as possible, and SAT Vocab – Mindsnacks should get you well on your way. The app has 25 levels of SAT vocab, with each level packing 20 words commonly seen on the test. There are also six unique mini-games and 500 audio clips to help you prepare as thoroughly as possible. And even though the app is word-based, there are still plenty of visual treats to keep things interesting and entertaining.

Roadside Presidents ($2.99)

If you’ve ever wanted a map to show you the President McKinley robot alongside the places Bill Clinton used to eat at, Roadside Presidents might be a roadmap to your soul. The app offers over 1,000 points of interest concerning the U.S. presidents. Each president also has his own profile within the app, so you can read up on any of the leaders with whom you’re less familiar.

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