CMO: Top 10 Apps for a Chief Marketing Officer


As a CMO, you’ll be making presentations. The iWork Keynote app is ideal for on-the-go presentation development. You can also import Microsoft Powerpoint slide decks with ease.

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If your company has a GoToMeeting account, this is an ideal app to help you keep partners and staff in sync while engaging in meetings. You can’t take control of the meeting but the audio feature works great with or without earbuds and the mic.

Few realize that this is the ideal app for multi-casting training content to a group of people with iPads and/or iphones.

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[appbox googleplay com.gotomeeting]

Dragon Dictation

There’s only one way to get more done if you need to communicate with lengthy messages or compose marketing prose. In addition to sending lots of staff-related email messages to delegate tasks, the CMO is typically at the center of all corporate messaging.

Dictating messages and documents is far more productive than typing and provides a highly productive solution.

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[appbox googleplay com.nuance.dragonanywhere]


CMOs are constantly on the prowl for competitors, partners, and marketing opportunities. Grabbing links is an inefficient method of capturing things to read and especially useless when you’re not online. Capturing pages and articles is a breeze with InstaPaper which allows you to cache your reading requirements offline.

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Analytics HD

If your responsibilities include tracking online server activity, this is the ideal app for doing that across many servers and sites. While it provides only a limited view of the total Google Analytics picture, it provides the right views; exceptional trending and stats that are necessary for quick checks and meetings.

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Box for iPhone and iPad

This is an ideal app for curating, organizing, and sharing everything you write or documents that your team produces. This is the most productive method for dealing with papers, reports and other document artifacts that help you do your job.

It provides public and secure folders and many social networking features that allow you to push your content out to colleagues, partners, and customers.

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Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

This app is ground-zero for the CMOs social media intelligence dashboard and outbound messaging platform for his or her entire marketing team.

HootSuite helps you manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts in one place. It also provides automated content posting features and persistent search queries to keep tabs on partners and competitors.

Because they provide such a robust web version, you can hop to any system (including iPad) and all configurations are live. Plus, your team needn’t install and setup native clients. This system also provides integrated social team management features that allow you to control and commend the social media process from one application.

HootSuite is only available for iPad (presently) but that will change soon. On the iPad, the native iPhone app works fine, and the web-based interface also works pretty good in Safari.

[appbox appstore id341249709]

[appbox googleplay com.hootsuite.droid.full]


This app provides an integrated brand research system that can tell you the availability of any trademark or tradename in a variety of contexts. Imagine you have an idea to create a new online marketing initiative called DustyTruck. Nomina will tell you if it’s available across all the popular web domains (.com, .net, etc) as well as instances of it in Google, USPTO, common law libraries, and even uses of it in the App Store. Marketing executives and managers gain significant productivity with this app because they can get a sense if they can execute on their ideas before spending significant resources.


Gist is a comprehensive contact, company, and social dashboard for all your business relationships. Presently only available as an iPhone app which works fine on iPad, it also includes a Safari-compatible web interface. This tool will make it easy to stay abreast of all your ongoing and past communications with customers, colleagues, and partners.


Marketing includes the leadership and development of creatives. StoryPages, a story-boarding app, is the best app for drawing, diagraming, and sketching conceptual ideas. But it also provides integrated templates as well as the ability to use any photo or image as a sketch backdrop for more precise outlining.

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