Collect Pizza Town citizens and rebuild Pizza Town

These are just some of the ways Richard Pizza needs you to help him spur economic development and boost the population of Pizza Town in the new mobile game, Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games produced by Intelligent Decisions Systems, Inc. (IDSI). Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games is a mobile game designed for quick play that’s enjoyed by all ages.

The primary goal of the game is to help the food characters of pizza town participate in the 1st Annual Hungry Games events. These events are fast-paced mini-games. Once you play and earn points, you can collect character cards and unlock new characters. Characters include Mayor Burger, Bread Zeppelin, Detective Egg, Superhero Carrot, and of course, Richard Pizza.

Pizza Town has even recently elected a new President, Brussels Sprouts Bernie. The more characters you unlock, the more you’ll see Pizza Town grow. Behind the comical food characters and entertaining ways that you help them, is a nutritional message aimed at teaching kids about healthy food choices. For example, the game finds humorous ways to teach the importance of hydration, the downsides of too much cheese and dairy, and the benefits of certain foods. Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games is Free to Play.

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