CompareMe app is a bargain shopper’s best friend

I am totally that girl standing in the shampoo aisle at Target debating which bottle of Pantene will yield more per price. I also labor over dog treat packages to make sure I get the most Beggin’ Strips per dollar, because you can’t always trust the advertising that promises 50 percent more (yeah, 50 percent more for more than twice the cost). So the CompareMe Shopping Utility app (99 cents) is right up my aisle.

This bargain shopping app is meant for and designed for convenience. Enter the amount, package size and price, and then hit the CompareMe button to identify the better deal. The app tells you how much money you will save and the percentage of the discount.

So next time you are having an embarrassing fight with your roommate over which supersize pack of toilet paper is the better deal, pull out your iPhone and save yourself some time and dough.

If you have some extra time on your hands, try comparing packages from different stores. Then, you’ll really get your bang for your buck.

It’s a simple app for a small cost that will end up being priceless in the end.

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