Daily Bible verse app with devotions and reading plans

You’d be out of trend if you think the Bible in sight is still the cumbersome, thick, inconvenient physical book. It was, indeed, years ago. But it isn’t anymore. Take a glimpse at app stores, you’d be amazed by how many bible apps are out there.

This app Bible Verse is a new comer but is a bit different from most bible apps in that it has everything that comes handy for Bible study under one roof. It offers daily verse, related thoughts, prayer and devotion, as well as bible plans all in one place. In addition, there are many sources of daily devotionals in the app.

Apart from reading materials it offers, the user interface is very nice as well. All features are neatly placed next to each other, saving all the trouble of cracking your mind to find the feature you actually need. Creators of this app are devoted Christians themselves, so they are well aware what Christians need when studying the Bible. 

If you want to study the Bible, a long list of Bible translations out there are waiting for download. Highlights, bookmarks and notes make revisit on the Bible much easier. Just pick one from the over 100 reading plans or you could save them for later. If you are behind your plan, a notification is sent to your device to remind you of today’s reading. Additionally, the app delivers all content you need for studying a verse such as daily thoughts, prayer and devotion. Each and every picture in the app is hand-picked, coupled with the verse of the day. A single tap could let you share the verse image to your friends and family, helping them get through hard times. 

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