DataBot: The Almost Perfect Digital Assistant app

First of all, I must admit that I downloaded this app to use its question+answer function. DataBot is able to answer questions about famous historical personalities, which was a nice feature, when I was setting up a quizzie for kids. What I did was simply for fun: I put questions in speech to the assistant and waited for the answer. It worked quite well, and I started realizing that DataBot is not a joke. (Although, it is able to tell you some…)

After fulfilling the needs of the kid inside me, I started to have DataBot to do some serious jobs for me. I set up alarms, then started using it for setting up presentations, since this function worked incredibly well on my iPhone – differently from the other software for the same function.

It took only a few days to realize that the application can very well be synced to my PC, so there are a plenty of things which I could manage desktop. This is an incredibly useful feature of this app: I can manage my most important things – notes, appointments, contacts – from every surfaces which are available for you. Unlike Google programs, you can easily avoid unintentional sharing of sensitive data.

Apart from being a nice mobile diary, DataBot can manage social media accounts and emails. If you use it, it is able to extract practical data from your e-mails, and able to record your answers together with the related searching information, and many other data. This was the point, when I decided to keep this app forever. This, the creation of different summary pages, is a very important thing for anyone who is like me and has tons of notebooks, yet keeps forgetting the important tasks.

Voice activation is also a very useful feature, which enabled me to work even late at night, when had difficulties in keeping awake and write, but needed to work on one of my presentation. I simply started walking to keep my brain functioning, and dictated my thoughts to the system. This was better, than having a Dictaphone with me – since I saw my text in a written form.

When it comes to languages, this iPhone app has very nice features too. It functions as a fully capable dictionary with a strong thesaurus, being able to provide not only meaning, but also synonyms of a world. I must say it is a godsend for non-English native academic, since the service is quick and punctual.

Although I started to use this application as a joke, I would recommend this program to anyone who deals with serious things, and has complex tasks to complete in short times. The simple, fast, voice activated features of the app improve your productivity when you are sitting at your desk under pressure of deadlines and fight an endless battle with your own thoughts.

The only criticism I can make is, funnily, that it simply capable of a bit too much. I personally do not like that it provides a lot of temptation to procrastination – its jokes module is even able to tell you silly stories on demand. The great RSS module brings the most important news to your hands, and the ability to chat with the assistant is fantastic, not to mention daily horoscope and a bunch of other similar features. Nevertheless, this multifunctional thing is a bit far-fetched for me.

Despite of being a professional procrastinator, I would recommend you to use DataBot and upgrade your iPhone experience to the next level. Be diligent, and do not be misled by these cool features, and there won’t be any problems.

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