Detective App on the Case

Below are five mystery games that will put your detective skills to the test:

Detective Grimoire (iOS, Android)

Play as Detective Grimoire as you work to solve the mystery of who killed the owner of the local tourist attraction, whose body was found deep within the heart of the nearby marshes.

Rumour has it that this was no ‘normal’ murder but the work of a mythical creature. Your job is to solve puzzles, dig for clues and solve the mystery of the swamp.

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Thimbleweed Park (iOS, Android)

Thimbleweed Park is a retro mystery game, with pixel, 80’s style graphics, where you play as five characters who have all mysteriously been drawn to the rundown, forgotten town of Thimbleweed, little do they know their stories are all connected and they are all being watched but by who?

Can they all work together to solve the mysteries of Thimbleweed from the haunted hotel to the dead body found under the bridge?

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Enigma (iOS, Android)

Enigma is a classic point and click adventure game set in World War 2.  Play as Tiny Spy working to bring the Enigma code book to London, with puzzles and riddles that will challenge your adventurer skills to the limit, as you work to solve the mystery of the Enigma machine and escape from the occupied territory.

Enigma features a mix of puzzles that each test your spy skills in a different way from escape the room style puzzles, to hidden objects rounds making every step of the adventure feel unique. Enigma uses simple cartoon graphics that at first glance look like nothing more than an online comic but work surprisingly well with the story and add to the gameplay experience.

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Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past (iOS, Android)

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past is a hidden object game that transports you back to the 19th century as you work to solve a series of murders that have recently taken place. Each scene has been beautifully designed with realistic graphics and detail that will challenge your eyes to find the hidden objects. Collect clues from each scene, analyse the evidence and bring in suspects for questioning that will help you catch the killer before he strikes again.

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Beholder (iOS, Android)

Beholder is a mystery game with a twist rather than playing as the ‘good-guy’ detective you instead play as the ‘bad spy’ Step into a dystopian world where every aspect of your life is controlled by a totalitarian government, oppressive laws, total surveillance, all elements of personal privacy completely gone. You play as a State-installed manager of an apartment building whose job it is to spy on tenants while pretending to be a building manager there to help your tenants with all of their building needs.

Beholder is a game all about choice, bug apartments and collect information on every aspect of your tenants lives without being found out but what you do with the information is completely up to you, will you obey the government or will you dig deeper and discover the mysteries of your tenants lives.

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