Do you have a dozen internet devices at home? Sharin can connect all of them.

The application is designed for users with multiple devices and tablets in their WiFi network who would like a seamless connection of their cloud with the network. Sharin detects and connects all networked devices including other iPads, Mac, PCs in your WiFi neighborhood and helps transferring to and from multiple cloud accounts seamlessly. You can login to your networked computer (MAC, Windows, Linux) accounts via Sharin and transfer multiple files to and from your iPad. Files can be also transferred from iPad to iPad or iPhone via a shared folder making iPad a file hub in network neighborhood.

There is a shared folder in the app which helps iOS users who have Sharin installed to share their files smoothly like a network share. This share facility is a unique feature of Sharin and cannot be found in other apps with similar functionality, e.g. File Explorer, FileBrowser or SHAREit. Sharin’s UI is pretty easy to learn and use. It has a unique split screen which helps a user compare two different folders across networked devices and cloud storage to compare and transfer. The app is delivered with built in readers, viewers and players for most media formats so that Sharin can be used for previewing files or even as a standalone music/video player, document or image viewer. The app has a rare feature of allowing file transfer to Google Nearline, the cloud storage platform of Google.


We have contacted the developers about their future plans. They are working on a search engine for the network neighborhood, on remote access and on P2P file transfer within the neighborhood and hope to launch these features in the near future.

Sharin provides all features free of charge unlike many other applications and it is also ad free. However, the number of transfers are limited on free accounts. Sharein provides 150 transfers for the first month and additional 30 transfers for the subsequent months. For unlimited transfers from the cloud and the network neighborhood folders, a subscription will be required.

Sharin was developed by Sura Systems, a company which is mainly active in the field of machine learning and machine vision and this is their first attempt to develop a mobile application.

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