Double Light Torch App: Enhanced Flashlight Control

The Double Light Torch app turns on your mobile flashlight by shaking, clapping, or even by whistling. It also contains a compass and a morse code converter.

Double Light Torch is a helpful application that enables Android users to more efficiently utilize the flashlight function of their mobile phones.

The vast majority of mobile phones now have flashlights built into them. However, switching it on and off is not always easy. Many mobile phones provide manual switches in a toolbar. This function is often hidden at the top, making it less user-friendly.

It was this lack of convenience that inspired the development of Double Light Torch, which gives users several more options for controlling their flashlight.

Using the built-in option, an Android phone user might be able to switch on the back flashlight, but they are unable to use the front light as a flashlight. The app allows Android users to make use of both light sources, hence the name Double Light Torch.

Double Light TorchOption 1: Clap-Control

Much like a clap-controlled light switch in the home, Double Light Torch enables users to turn the flashlight on their phone on and off with a simple clap of the hands. This can be useful when walking through a dark room and hoping to protect your shins from rearranged furniture. It can also be fun for kids to play with. The sensitivity of the clap sensor can be adjusted according to individual needs.

Option 2: Whistle-Control

The whistle-control mechanism works based on the frequency of sound detected by the phone. The app uses advanced digital signal processing libraries. Users can adjust the frequency of the sound detected and disable the sensor to use the flashlight with normal, manual on and off switching.

Option 3: Shake-Control

The shake control makes use of built-in gravity and acceleration sensors in modern mobile phones. It provides control over flashlight functionality just by shaking the phone. Once again, users can adjust the acceleration threshold according to their needs. If desired, the flashlight can be turned on with a simple twist. If that’s not quite right, the user can increase the acceleration threshold to make the flashlight turn on and off only with fast movements.

Bonus Function 1: A User-Friendly Compass

Double Light Torch also contains a user-friendly compass that points out any direction in an exact value of degrees. The specificity of the degree settings avoids any confusion that other compass applications can sometimes cause.

Bonus Function 2: A Morse Code Converter

Morse code is a standardized communication protocol used to encode messages to light signals. Double Light Torch also contains a Morse code converter which translates any message to its corresponding Morse code and engages the mobile flashlight accordingly.

The app allows the user to pick between Continental Morse Code or International Morse Code and encodes the 26 English letters of the alphabet, A through Z, Arabic numbers, one non-Latin letter, procedural signals, plus a small set of punctuation marks. There is no distinction between lowercase and upper and letters. Each symbol in Morse code is formed by a sequence of dahs and dits which looks like dots and underscores.

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