Download Discounts for Nov. 4: Calorie One, Jog Log, Gym Respect

We’ve got three apps for under a dollar today that’ll help you get into shape — one for tracking calorie intake, one that uses your iPhone’s GPS to monitor your jogs, and one that helps keep track of your exercises at the gym. Read about them below, then get to working out.

Calorie One – Calorie, Exercise & Weight Tracker (iPhone) $0.99 (was $1.99)

Calorie One has three great, full-featured functions — it tracks calories by letting you search for tons of foods, it gives you exercise advice, and it produces various graphs so you can track your progress.

The app seems to have an insane amount of information within it. It covers something like 200,000 food items and 2,000 brands, as well as food from 400 different restaurants. You can set a calorie budget, track your workouts, and look through information on performing 200 different exercises. Calorie One is a huge value for only a buck.

Jog Log (iPhone) $0.99 (was $1.99)

Using the iPhone’s GPS, Jog Log keeps track of your runs and logs the distances you complete. Actually, that’s about the simpleest element of Jog Log — it also lets you customize interval timers, tracks a lot of data about your workouts, and even integrates iPod songs into its run tracking.

Jog Log lets you share this data using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The app also integrates — wait for it — voice cues, so you can actually speak commands to Jog Log while you’re running, without needing to look down.

Gym Respect (iPhone) Free (was $0.99)

As long as you’re tracking your runs, here’s a free app that lets you track your gym workouts.

Log your various workouts, sets and reps into Gym Respect every time you hit the gym, and the app lets you keep track of how much you did last time, so you can plan your future workouts to push yourself further. You can also have Gym Respect put together charts for you so you can more easily track your progress.

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