Driversnote App: The Simple Digital Logbook

Driversnote App: The Simple Digital Logbook

Driversnote is an easy-to-use automatic mileage tracker and digital logbook app. They help users track and classify their mileage and create tax-compliant reports for their tax deductions or employer reimbursement.

Driversnote strives to make working life simpler for their over 800,000 worldwide users while saving them time and money.

Track trips

With Driversnote, you can record trips with your phone’s GPS in real-time. Easily digitally log previous drives by adding the start and end location of the trip in the app or on the website. Driversnote will calculate the distance and reimbursement amount for you. You can also create and save locations you visit often for even faster trip creation.

With the iBeacon, you’ll never forget to log a trip again! The iBeacon is a small Bluetooth device you place in your car that informs your phone to start tracking a trip every time you start driving. The app will stop recording the trip once you exit your car. There’s no need to open the app; just keep your phone with you while driving.

Log odometer readings

If you need to create entries in your digital logbook for odometer readings for your mileage reimbursement or deductions, you can easily do so with Driversnote! You can even set reminders at your desired frequency, so you never forget to log your odometer. Driversnote will include it in your report, so you’re always tax-compliant.

Classify your trips

Classify your mileage as business and personal (including medical, moving and charity for the U.S.) for a fully compliant mileage logbook. The app will correctly classify all trips for you with a feature for your work hours. All trips within the working hours you set will be categorized as business, and all outside of working hours as personal.

You can always change a trip’s classification from the app or website.


Report your mileage

Your mileage report is only a tap away with the Driversnote app. Easily create compliant mileage reports for the time period you need including all trips, odometer readings and reimbursement amounts.

Download a PDF or Excel version of your report to print, or send it right away from within the app to your mileage approver.


Customize your reimbursement

Driversnote automatically includes the most up-to-date mileage rates for your country according to the local tax authorities. If you need to, you can easily add a custom rate, or even choose not to use one at all.

Keep a digital logbook for multiple vehicles and workplaces

If you need to keep a mileage logbook for more than one vehicle or employer, Driversnote has you covered. You can easily track trips and create separate reports for different vehicles and workplaces with a single account.

Driversnote for Teams

Does your business reimburse your employees for their mileage? Driversnote for Teams makes it easy to automate your company’s mileage tracking and reporting processes.

All employees can track their mileage and create compliant reports within the team. An admin and manager can easily approve or reject reports in one place and manage the team.

With centralized billing and consistent reporting from drivers, company mileage reimbursement has never been easier.

It’s completely free to start with Teams and try it out for yourself! You’ll always have the flexibility to have team members on free or paid accounts, depending on your needs.

Your data is always safe

All tracked data is stored securely on the cloud, and you always have access to it through the app or desktop version of Driversnote. Driversnote doesn’t sell your personal data to 3rd party advertisers.

Get Driversnote

The Driversnote app is available for both Android and iPhone. You also have access to the desktop version, from which you can edit your log and create reports. Your data is safe on Driversnote servers and synced between desktop and mobile.

Get Driversnote for Android or Driversnote for iPhone.

The app is free for tracking and reporting on up to 20 trips a month, with annual and monthly subscription options available for unlimited trips and reporting. If you’re interested in Driversnote Teams, get in touch with Driversnote!

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