Entrepreneurs’ Center boosting Dayton’s commercial landscape

Dayton's Entrepreneurs' Center

A significant collaboration between the Entrepreneurs’ Center and the University of Dayton is enhancing the Dayton commercial landscape. This dynamic partnership is not only powering business growth but also enriching the educational experiences of students. It creates a space for budding entrepreneurs and students to innovate and develop their business concepts.

Local businessman Luis Estevez attributes his company’s growth, especially in water treatment technology, to this valuable alliance. Operated by Scott Koorndyk since 2015, the Entrepreneurs’ Center has expanded considerably and now caters to an extended client base within Ohio. This feat positions the Entrepreneurs’ Center as a noteworthy contributor to Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Entrepreneurs’ Center is making substantial strides in revitalizing downtown Dayton. In partnership with the University of Dayton, it’s established a non-profit that manages space for over 140 member organizations and hosts over 600 staff. The entrepreneurial hotspot encourages innovation and growth among a diverse range of companies, from tech startups to nonprofits.

In addition, the center conducts programs and workshops to spur sustainable development among businesses, which contributes significantly to downtown Dayton’s economic rejuvenation. A joint endeavor known as The Hub, facilitated by the Entrepreneurs’ Center, is creating a bridge between education and business pursuits.

The Hub provides almost 40 classes per week to about 500 students, fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Dayton through practical business education. Furthermore, it promotes knowledge-sharing by involving local companies in direct consultations.

With its commitment to helping businesses become self-sufficient within 3-5 years, the Entrepreneurs’ Center is making inroads toward transforming the entrepreneurial scene in Dayton soon. They offer essential assistance, like capital funding, strategic business advice, and mentorship programs.

As such, they’re attracting startups eager to innovate and make their mark in diverse industries, and with the wealth of experience Koorndyk brings, they’re set to continue shaping Dayton’s vibrant, dynamic, entrepreneurial future.

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