Evernote: Just another $1 billion company

Despite Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram hogging the headlines over the past few days, popular note-taking app, Evernote (available for both iOS and Android) just completed a $100 million round of funding, according to Alyson Shontell at Business Insider.

That nice chunk of cash, coupled with the previous $95.8 million it raised (including $50 million from Sequoia Capital) now puts Evernote’s valuation at a cool $1 billion. The latest cash infusion was led by Meritech Capital Partners.

Evernote was named company of the year by Inc Magazine for 2011. According to Business Insider, the company is tripling in size annually, and gaining 40,000 new users per day. The Evernote apps continue to receive regular updates and additional functionality. Beyond just simple note-taking, Evernote can keep you organized and productive, syncing your notes so they’re accessible from anywhere.

The main Evernote app remains a great way to capture ideas and reminders wherever you are and the apps are free to download. A premium account provides users with more storage space, offline notebooks, PIN protection and more. In addition, the Evernote company offers Skitch (for capturing screenshots on iPad or Android) and other Evernote apps like Evernote Food (for recalling your favorite dishes), Evernote Hello (for remembering people), Evernote Clearly (for distraction-free reading in the Chrome web browser) and Evernote Peek (to turn your notes into study guides on your iPad).

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