Fake Vaccine Card: Why You Should Avoid Them

avoid fake vaccine card

There is an increasing demand for COVID-19 vaccination cards for traveling, attending events, and other activities. Although different industries and businesses have decreased the requirement of vaccine cards, still it has become a part of daily life and work. Just to fulfill the rules, some people have attempted to forge or fake their vaccine cards. Yet, people circulating fake vaccine cards and helping people by selling fraudulent vaccine cards have made it a business. In short, this has become a way of profit for many people around the world by giving the public a fake vaccine card and playing with their health.

Since scammers are seeing this as a great opportunity to earn a huge profit, people easily become a part of this crime. Stating a fact, filling a fake 3×4 inch card with bogus dates and numbers might not seem a serious issue to you but it is. Getting involved in this activity or buying such a fake vaccine card is a federal and state crime. Moreover, this illegal act may throw you in a criminal penalty depending upon the jurisdiction involved.

Fake Vaccine Card: Penalties

Bear in mind that creating, selling, and buying fake vaccine cards can be penalized varying at the local and state levels. Talking more specifically about the penalty which depends on the jurisdiction. Here are some criminal violations of states’ laws.

  • Forgery Crimes

This kind of law covers a wide range of conduct that involves possessing, selling, producing, or buying fake documents with bad intentions. So, if you are using a fake vaccine card to enter a concert you are violating the law. Moreover, people involved in producing and selling these fraudulent grounds are equally involved in committing a crime.

The penalty to commit this crime varies but the harshest one goes to the seller of these forged vaccine cards. However, possession of a fake vaccine card also leads to a misdemeanor or sometimes harsh penalties.

  • Fraudulent Public Record

Filling false public information to go against the states’ immunization databases also leads to the criminal prosecution of the person involved. This crime also falls under the state’s forgery law. So, if you are a part of intentionally offering and presenting false information then you are part of this crime. This law enforces the prosecution of people involved in faking official records of the public. Moreover, the penalty also varies by state but mostly these crimes result in felony penalties.

  • Conspiracy Charges

If two or more people are involved in committing this crime, they can also face conspiracy charges. Even if you have not completed the crime, you will still face conspiracy charges. For example, if you are texting someone regarding information about where to meet and get your fake vaccine card this also comes under the category of facing conspiracy charges. By some means, cops learn about the selling of fake vaccine cards and catch you, even if you haven’t purchased the card. You will still face charges since you agreed to commit the crime with the seller. Moreover, the seller will also face charges due to possessing and selling forged documents.

Talking about the penalties for conspiracy in different states varies. In some states, the person involved in it can get the same penalty as the underlying crime. While in other states, penalties are based on the offense level of the crime. For example, if the underlying crime was a felony, then the person will receive a felony penalty.

Avoid Committing a Crime

As we have discussed it’s a crime and you will have to face the consequences of it. Avoid committing this crime.

  • As you know buying and selling fake vaccination cards is an illegal act in which you will end up fined or even in jail, so try to go with the legitimate way.
  • You must know that the only legitimate way to get a vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19 test is to get vaccinated or test negative for it. In case you have lost your vaccination proof, you must contact your state health department or the place where you got to get a replacement vaccine card.
  • Do not share your personal information with unknown people since scammers can also sell your data. They can even use it to commit identity theft giving you a big trouble.
  • If you see someone using or selling fake vaccine cards, immediately report to the Department of Health and Human service. You can contact them at 1-800-HHS-TIPS or visit their official website.

Vaccination cards have two federal seals: from CDC and HHS. As the FBI already said that faking or spreading false federal seals is a federal crime. So, be aware of using a fake vaccine card. Faking either of these seals is a violation that can end you five years in jail.

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