Fall into never-ending accessory shopping with Endless.com

It’s pretty surprising that Amazon took this long to launch shoe-shopping site Endless.com, but the app for iPhone and iPod Touch only came out at the end of October.

Endless.com offers shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories, so it makes sense that its app is so reminiscent of Zappos Mobile (also owned by Amazon). In Endless.com, users will be treated to all the normal features offered on the regular website, including popular trends and on-sale items. Merchandise is sorted by category for browse-ability, or you can use the search bar to look up particular items directly.

Endless.com includes plenty of filter options, such as size, color, heel height and style. Using these makes the seemingly endless variety more manageable. I also like that you can view selection in list format or in a thumbnail grid, which is more pleasing to the eye. In individual listings, you can see price information, view the item larger, or see other color options. Once you find something you fancy, you can make the purchase in-app using Amazon.com (not having to create a new account should also be a plus for new shoppers). Endless.com offers free two-day shipping and free returns.

Endless.com doesn’t bring anything new to the app table, but it’s a solid effort overall. I do wish the search bar was accessible from every page, as I found myself having to backtrack often to find that magnifying glass.

If you aren’t already a devoted Endless shopper, I don’t see this app converting you, but at the least, Endless.com is a useful price-comparison tool for your holiday shopping.

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