Fend off the flu with these iPhone apps

The office and the classroom are filled with sniffles and coughs. Yes, it is flu season. But thanks to the handy iPhone, we have medical information, search tools and more for your relief. Downloading these iPhone apps could proove fruitful in monitoring your health.

Symptomatic symptoms

WebMD is a trusted name for online resources. Check your symptoms before you make a doctor’s appointment with WebMD Mobile. Similar to the website, this free app offers treatment information and first aid essentials.

Swine Flu Facts costs 99 cents but can you put a price tag on peace of mind? Check your symptoms with this iPhone app and stay abreast of the latest data on this dangerous flu strain as information is pulled from multiple health organizations. Unfortunately, there are no tracking capabilities to keep up with local outbreaks.

Tracking news and outbreaks

The Swine Flu Tracker Map is among the more inclusive of the bunch. Free, this app offers outbreaks on a map, filtered by country, as well as outbreaks near you. Additional features include threat level and other alerts, a symptom checker and real-time news updates.

Particularly useful for travelers and city dwellers, HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me puts the swine flu data on the map. Powered by HealthMap, you can view, search and browse current outbreaks for free. An alert feature can notify you of new outbreaks. Such a system is ideal for people on the go and takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS tracking capabilities.

If you’re sick

Keep track of your symptoms with Illness Tracker. For 99 cents, you can take notes, export them via email, and be better prepared at the doctor’s office. Perfect for moms tracking their kids’ flu symptoms, each kid gets their own calendar for notes and information such as their physician’s contact information and appointment time.

If you need a doctor, the Doctors app finds nearby doctors and pharmacists for $1.99. The app does not provide an integrated way to make appointments. Once it is time to get that prescription filled, Find a Pharmacy (99 cents) directs you to a local pharmacist. You can call a pharmacy from the app as well.

Before you down those pills, you may want to ensure that they do not conflict with anything you are already taking. With the Epocrates (free) app you can search drugs by name, learn their interactions, tables and formulas. 

Getting sick can be expensive. Save  money with the free NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card. The app can provide up to a 75 percent discount on medications. Just pull out your phone and show the card to the pharmacist when you pick up your prescription. According to the app’s description, most pharmacies accept this iPhone card.

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