Free Shooting Games

Bounce Bullet

This game was rates top free game in several places AND has more than 1 Million downloads. It is a real time killer and addicting. To be successful you need to know how things ricochet (bounce) off walls and surfaces. For serious Bounce Bullet fans who have managed to beat all of the levels there is a Bounce Bullet Pro app.

Although I love the game I have 2 suggestions: when launching the app there needs to be fewer notifications because its hard to start playing. Also, you can’t listen to your iPod at the same time so that would be a nice feature to add.


Eliminate:GunRange Free

I tried playing the game and just ended up getting frustrated. The concept of the game is fun but getting it balanced to shot is hard. There are a lot of levels but I can’t seem to get passed level 2. So if you like shooting games that are a real challenge you might like this game.


Angry Birds Free

if you haven’t jumped on the angry birds train you must at least try the free version. According to my brother “I would rate this game 5, it’s a good game to play when a teacher is giving a boring lecture and you don’t want to listen.” Although I can not endorse playing this at school it’s definitely a great free app.


Deer Hunter Challenge

“DEER HUNTER CHALLENGE takes the most popular and realistic hunting franchise to extreme wilderness environments in search of the biggest, most prized game around the world.” You have to pay cash to buy stuff on the game so even though the game was free you have to buy some stuff so you can start playing. But once you get started its pretty addictive game. I like that you can hunt all over the world not just in one place, there was definitely some time and thought put into this.


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