Free Word Warp lacks imagination but will spark the brain

Free Word Warp is a standard letter jumble game and is a fine app for those seeking a simple, not stressful, word game. The puzzle game app doesn’t have flashy graphics and the interface is bland.

Basically you’re given six letters and asked how many different words you can spell. Free Word Warp is no more extravagant than the usual plug-and-play word-game formula, but it offers some nice features.  Combining all six letters is the only requirement to proceed.

All possible answers are marked with blanks at the top of the screen, helpful for players of any level.  To keep you thinking, the “Warp” feature will resort the letters.  And when you’re in a hurry to beat the clock, the “Last Word” button is an indispensable aid for some last second points.

But that’s about all you can expect from this Free version of the app.  Those helpful blanks fill in as time runs out and then disappear before you can see what you missed.  That’s frustrating.  Also, adding to the frustration, the screen is quickly replaced by an ad for a paid game.

How can these woes be solved?  Practice and start beating the levels, or buy the 99-cent version.

Despite those annoyances, Free Word Warp is a great option to pass some time and spark the brain.

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