Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 9: FBI Child ID, MovieCam Go, Colosseum Heroes, Ninja Fishing

Be prepared for a worst-case scenario with FBI Child ID, today’s leading Fresh App, which allows you to keep handy all the information you might need if your child ever goes missing. You can quickly get that info to the authorities in case of an emergency with the app. On the lighter side, we’ve got MovieCam Go, which contains lots of features for the amateur film maker to turn an iOS device into a versatile camera. In games, Ninja Fishing is worth some consideration, combining winning concepts from other titles like Fruit Ninja, and Colosseum Heroes puts you in the role of a warrior bent on taking out as many monsters possible in each hack-n-slash wave.

FBI Child ID (iPhone, iPad) Free

Way back when I was a Cub Scout, we spent an afternoon preparing what could only be called kidnapping preparedness kits. Actually, I think they were more like “lost in the woods search party kits,” but the contents were the same – a current photograph, fingerprints on file with the local police station and vital statistics so that we could be easily identified by authorities should one of us young scamps become lost. FBI Child ID is kind of like that kit, but instead of a shoebox under your mom’s bed, it aggregates all important info about a child in one handy, digital place.

With Child ID, the idea is that you store important information about your children, like their vital statistics of height, weight, eye color and the like, as well as a current photograph. If your child goes missing, you immediately have on hand all the information the authorities would need to help find him/her. While the app might add a little bit to parental paranoia, it does provide a useful bit of preparedness for anybody with kids. In the highly unlikely and frightening event that a child does go missing, the app provides tips for notifying the authorities and working to help find him or her as quickly as possible.

MovieCam Go (iPhone, iPad) $1.99

Turn your iDevice into a movie-making camera with MovieCam Go, an app filled with plenty of features that make it more than just the video camera with which your iPhone comes equipped. The app allows your device to shoot high-resolution videos equal to what you’d see on a DVD, as well as use an 8x zoom and apply lots of different after-effects to the footage.

You’re offered plenty of controls to get exactly what you want out of your video, including some to fine-tune the exposure of your “film” and focus your shots. You can use either forward- or rear-facing cameras, and preview all your videos as you’re making them and apply effects in real time.

Colosseum Heroes (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Colosseum Heroes puts you in the role of either a human or vampire warrior tasked with cutting apart lots of bad guys. In each level, you’ll set out from a castle with wave after wave of bad guys coming your way, who you’ll need to fight off using any of your weapons including swords, whips, shotguns or crossbows and even magic. As you pile up the cartoon corpses of your foes, you’ll receive power-ups, coins and eventually a key that lets you escape the level into the next castle at the far right of the screen.

In between each wave, you can spend your collected coins on upgrading your warrior, purchasing new weapons, armor and magic in order to take down the progressively more powerful foes in each level. Your equipment can be assigned to various buttons so you always have your best options on hand.

Ninja Fishing (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

While it might be a bit of a clone of developer Vlambeer’s Flash game Radical Fishing, Ninja Fishing differentiates itself through its cartoonish art style and borrowing another mechanic from popular game, Fruit Ninja. The game is simple enough to play: You cast your lure into the water near your ninja’s boat and tilt your device to direct the hook down as far as it can go. The idea is to avoid catching any fish for as long as possible, because as soon as you touch one, the hook starts to ascend and it’s crunch time.

As the hook rises, you’re meant to grab as many fish as possible along the way up. Once they get to the surface, your ninja chucks them into the air and you’ll have to slash quickly to cut them all apart and earn coins for their dismemberment. Those can be spent on upgrades in the in-game store. Achievements and scores are tracked by the app’s Game Center integration.

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