Fresh iPhone Apps for May 17: Interlacer, Trover, Siege Hero, Catch The Candy

Submitted for your approval, we’ve got a pair of fresh iPhone apps that utilize your iPhone’s camera to help you create new images and discover new and interesting places around your area. Interlacer breaks two photos down into a combination of line and weaves the two images into one to create some interesting new pictures, and Trover allows you snap photos of cool places to share those places, along with their locations and some information about them, with your friends via the app’s social network. Then there’s Siege Hero, a game that reworks the familiar formula of Angry Birds, and Catch The Candy, a sort of reverse version of Cut The Rope.

Interlacer (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Turn two images into one with Interlacer, an app that combines separate photos by breaking them down into tiny horizontal lines, then intermingling the lines so that they alternate. It’s a similar technology to the way interlace TV screens work, drawing one line at a time at high speed in order to make a complete image. If you look at interlaced images from a distance, they appear to be whole – the same is true with photos made with Interlacer, and elements from both combine into one.

You can add photos from your camera roll to Interlacer to combine, and the app gives you a lot of editorial control over what you create. You can add colors to images and switch between line heights that are fixed and specified, or defined at random to create more interesting results. You can also shift the lines to create a “video” interlace effect, and check out the pictures in a full-size preview mode.

Trover (iPhone, iPad) Free

Sign-in to Trover with your Facebook ID and you can access your friends list and start sharing. Trover is all about exploring the world around you and discovering cool things you didn’t know about. When you’re signed-in to the app, you can see the other places that your friends have been to and what they thought of those places.

Once you find a new place you’re interested in, snap a photo with the app and you can save it within Trover for others to see. Adding a photo posts your places to the social network, allowing others to check out the locations themselves based on what you’ve found, and vice versa. You can save some notes about your places and tag their locations so that other people can find them using Google Maps.

Siege Hero (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

You’ve seen Angry Birds and its many clones – games in which you fire objects at towers in an attempt to get them to collapse. Siege Hero is just like Angry Birds, with one important distinction: Instead of shooting objects from the left to the right, you stand in front of towers and fire at them from a first-person perspective.

Siege Hero carries 63 levels and a secondary Treasure Map set of 10 stages that you can unlock as you play through it. The game also carries Game Center support, which allows you to track your progress against other players on its leaderboards.

Catch The Candy (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Catch The Candy is a fun and slightly innovative puzzle app that’s a little like Cut The Rope or Spider Jack, in which you control a character pursuing a piece of candy. In Catch The Candy, however, instead of severing ropes, you’re creating them by tapping and holding around the screen to fire your character’s sticky arm to catch onto objects and pull him up and around in order to reach the candy or drag it over.

The fewer moves you can make in order to snag the candy in each stage, the better your score is, which is tracked on Game Center’s leaderboards. You get 53 physics-filled levels to mess with for your buck, and also includes support from OpenFeint to provide the game with achievements.

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