Fresh iPhone Apps for May 18: Super 8, Anytime Health Mobile, Metalstorm: Online, First Touch Soccer

Turn your iPhone into an old-school video camera for free (for a limited time) with Super 8, today’s leading Fresh iPhone App and a promo for the upcoming J.J. Abrams film. It works a lot like the ever-popular Hipstamatic and is just as cool, and it’ll be great for your summer home movies after you lose those few pounds you’ve been trying to drop, with the help of Anytime Health Mobile. Then treat yourself to a couple of quality games: MetalStorm: Online, for when you’ve got a need for speed as well as a desire to shoot down enemy fighter jets, and First Touch Soccer, which packs great graphics and lots of soccer action.

Super 8 (iPhone, iPad) Free

The upcoming film Super 8, directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, is all about the iconic Super 8 camcorder. Super 8 the app promotes the movie not by tapping you into the film like other apps might, but by turning your phone into a super 8 camera, instead. Just like the toy Instamatic camera in Hipstamatic, you can manipulate the camera and shoot vintage-looking video right on your iPhone’s screen.

Also like Hipstamatic, Super 8 gives users a lot of cool options. It includes a handful of lenses that can be switched off and on to create different effects, ranging from infrared to black and white. Once you’ve short your videos, you can put clips together and develop the film to make full videos, which you can then share online.

Anytime Health Mobile (iPhone, iPad) Free

Get to work losing weight with Anytime Health Mobile. The app is filled with information about weight loss that can help you get on the right track for the upcoming summer, starting with the ability to track your health with access to a database of more than 150,000 foods and activities. Keep track of what you eat and what you do to monitor your calorie intake and fitness, and help determine what should and shouldn’t be eaten in order to lose weight.

But food intake is only half the battle, so Anytime Health includes videos to help you learn to do exercises. You can also monitor your exercise stats along the way in order to be effective and lose the pounds you want to get rid of. Set weight loss and exercise goals, plan your workouts and complete health risk assessments within the app – and all of it is free.

MetalStorm: Online (iPhone, iPad 2) Free

Take to the skies and shoot down players all over the world in MetalStorm: Online, a free-to-play multiplayer game in which you’ll pilot fighter jets and engage in dog fights. Control your plane in a third-person perspective, using your iOS device’s gyroscope technology to control it by tilting and moving your iDevice in 3D space.

You can purchase more premium content from within the app, although the majority of the content and taking on enemy planes is free. MetalStorm has great graphics and supports an online Voice Chat system for talking trash in-game, and as you play (and win), you’ll rack up experience points that translate into new items with which to deck-out your plane and win more battles.

First Touch Soccer (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

A strong video game experience for soccer fans is on offer in First Touch Soccer, in which you’ll use virtual buttons on your iOS device to control players on your team and drive for the goal. With solid artificial intelligence in your opponents and some great 3D graphics, First Touch Soccer might be to mobile soccer titles what Madden NFL is to football.

You get access to 250 different club teams and can play games in seven different game modes, as well as 30 different competitions. First Touch Soccer also supports leaderboards through Game Center and multiplayer that lets you take on your friends, using either a Bluetooth connection or a local Wi-Fi connection.

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