Friends That App Together Stay Together

Below are five apps to make planning group events easier than ever:

I’m In – Event Planner (iOS)

I’m In is the ultimate app for bringing people together and planning events that are sure to run smoothly. Create and customize your event with photos and different background before sending the event around to friends who can then RSVP and discuss the finer details of your event. You can easily adjust the date and location with instant updates being sent to your RSVPs avoiding that awkward moment when one guest turns up early or even worse goes to the wrong location.

Doodle: Easy Scheduling (iOS, Android)

Doodle couldn’t be easier to use and takes the impossible task of trying to find a date that suits everyone when organizing events and almost makes it fun. Create an event and input all of the possible dates or time slots that an event could take place and send it around to your friends. Everybody then ticks all of the slots that they are available for and Doodle uses all of the information to create a chart that shows everyone’s answers so you can easily select the date that works for everyone hassle free.

Mobili: Group Travel Planner & Itinerary Organizer (iOS, Android)

If planning a night out with friends feels like a challenge then planning a group holiday can feel like an impossible uphill battle but with Mobili planning can be fun and so that you can focus on enjoying your get away. Mobili allows you to easily create an itinerary including all of the important information such as accommodation, travel plans and restaurant bookings. You can then share around your own individual itineraries and compare them side-by-side, making it super easy to pick the best from each and create a holiday that will keep everyone happy.

Grup Trip

Grup Trip is a group planner that allows you to easily plan days out and holidays as a group, avoiding the inevitable arguments that come with any group planning. Each member of the group can create their own itineraries and to-do suggestions that can then be shared and agreed upon, allowing you to create a to-do list that ticks the biggest must-dos off of every ones holiday bucket list.

You can also keep a working record of expenses while you away, ideal for those times when it’s easier to pay as a group and split the bill at a later date. Input receipts in the currency of the country you’re in and Grup Trip will convert everything into your home currency so you can settle the bill with friends when you get home. Grup Trip is more than just a planner, working as a group photo album where you and your friends can share your photos giving you something to look back on and remember your great trip away.

Do With Me – To-Do Lists with Your Friends (iOS)

Do With Me is an iMessage app that allows you to share lists with friends that you can both access and amend at the same time. Do With Me is perfect for creating grocery lists with your partner on those bust days that you just can’t find a minute to sit down together or for sharing to-do lists with friends while planning a party. Create lists within an iMessage conversation with no limit to the number of people that can access and change the list, lists can even be shared of multiple conversations. Do With Me can also be used at work with colleagues so that everybody is on the same page and your office runs smoothly.

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