Fun apps for kids under 12

OvenBreak Infinity

I love this game! Help the gingerbread man to collect all of the letters to spell the word at the top of the screen. Jump and slide under the obstacles and over the gaps to win! Very cute!


Snail Race: Fun Kids Racing Games

This is a fun game for kids with cute graphics and music. It’s very easy to play, (just tap the buttons to race the snails.) Also, story mode is fun! Highly Recommend!


Math Drills Lite

Practice division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. You can choose a “mixed” practice, or only focus on one of the options. Good for all ages.


Faces iMake – Lite

This app is excellent for kids! I love the music and the wide variety of objects you can choose to make a face. You can use buttons, letters, kitchen items, food, toys, and tools. And it’s very easy to move objects to the foreground and background! Awesome!


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