Gary Shilling warns of potential US recession

"Shilling Recession Warning"

Renowned financial forecaster Gary Shilling has expressed concerns about possible early signs of a weakening labor market implying at a possible forthcoming recession in the US economy. Shilling notes a pattern of key indicators historically preluding a downturn include increasing unemployment rates, and stagnating wages.

According to Shilling, the consistent economic growth experienced in recent years may prove unsustainable due to rising interest rates and tightening credit conditions. He also pinpoints the growing national debt as a significant factor to potentially deepen the impending economic slowdown.

Shilling emphasizes the labor market’s crucial role in supporting US economic stability post-Covid-19 pandemic, expressing apprehension that this primary support pillar may start to wane. He emphasizes ensuring vigilance and the need for effective measures if signs of instability appear.

He insists on government preparation for potential impacts, advocating policies that bolster job security. These include financial support for small businesses, worker skills development programs, and job creation tax incentives.

Shilling also underscores the importance of maintaining consumer confidence, which critically supports economic growth.

Shilling’s caution: upcoming US recession indicators

His deductions draw on historical economic cycles – periods of recession often preceded by labor market weaknesses.

He points out early signs of a potential economic slowdown such as inconsistent wage growth, resignation rates, and service inflation changes. These are seen as key signs of a potential downturn. Shilling notes certain sectors, including real estate, manufacturing, and trade… impacted industries, might bear the brunt of this slowdown.

But Shilling also concedes that despite these signals, it’s almost impossible to reliably predict due to the resilient nature of the economy. The situation is still evolving, with detailed examination, updates, and precise information anticipated.

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