Genius Scan iPhone app a smart buy for those on the fly

Need to scan an important document but aren’t near a business center? The free Genius Scan iOS and Android apps are perfect for the business traveler who needs to scan on the fly.

This smart business app lets you snap photos of important documents on the go. The page frame detection and filter features make sure your documents are scanned to perfection. Need to send your document as a PDF? No problem, as this app even converts to PDF.

Genius Scan is a great app for traveling. Take snapshots of receipts to keep track of all your expenses.

And best of all, the basic version is free and fully-functional. The premium version includes more advanced features and is a $7.99 one-time fee.

Never run to the copier during an important business meeting again. Next time your boss wants you to make a copy for yourself, simply take a snapshot with your iPhone. You can even create documents from multiple scans for easy presentation to the boss and rename your documents for convenient filing.

You can even impress a potential date at the bar. Have her (or him) write their number down on a cocktail napkin and then take a snapshot with your Genius Scan app. Ensure you never throw your romantic future in the laundry again!

Need to scan your date night receipts in the darkness of the bar to expense them (oops!)? We’ve been told that Genius Scan 6 makes the document scanning even snappier! The developers of the app entirely rewrote the underlying image processing algorithms to improve the scanning quality even in bad lighting. They also added a convenient feature to help you rename your documents based on their content and contextual information.

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