Get and share your digital business card with Qriouz

Qriouz is nothing like a business card or is in any way mimicking business card, or related apps like Haystack, Bump, FullContact, Poken etc. It is rather like a networking app which connects people with literary one click. And it doesn’t require an internet connection to share data. How? It puts all of your social links (+ custom links) into Qriouz codes (QR based technology) for you to share with other users, in person, so it is basically a social card app.

Qriouz can be really useful for young entrepreneurs, businessman and professional networkers or any other tech enthusiast to connect with others at events, conferences, business events etc. It is mostly convenient for people who are adapted to a “social network” lifestyle, which is faster and easier to handle.

The main obstacle for the app is the fact that it works best when both users have it installed. The links can however be opened by other QR readers and apps that support QR technology like Snapchat. QR is making a comeback with social networks like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp using them to exchange contacts person to person. Qriouz goes a step further and allows you to connect between different social platforms or basically any other platform you wish to connect on.

The app includes the following features at the moment: It is possible to sign into the app using social logins for ease of access. If you have the corresponding social app installed you only need to approve Qriouz. It is the same in the main dashboard which includes several social profile buttons for easy access to different networks you are using.

The dashboard also includes a customisable vCard and a custom link which you can set up to share your online C.V., portfolio or any other site you might be using. The app includes a scannable Qriouz code as well as a QR scanner for sharing contacts. The app can be used offline the difference being you do not get connected immediately but your connection gets saved in a history overview. The history includes the date, time location and the network you connected with and allows you connect when you reestablish your connection.

The Qriouz team is a small team of savvy Slovenian businessmen, supersonic code jockeys and enthusiastic PR experts under the leadership of Peter Bruner.  Part of the team including the CEO already launched two successful startups VVineist and OOSM. VVineist is a wine sampling service whilst OOSM is a digital signage solution that was amongst the winner of the 2015 Startupbootcamp accelerator in Amsterdam.

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