Get Fit Fast…Get the Right App!

No matter how much your routine has slipped after being cooped up, fitness apps are ready to help you get back in shape.

No matter how much your routine has slipped after being cooped up, fitness apps are ready to help you get back in shape.

The best apps, according to some experts, include personal trainers with certificates. They don’t just have folks who enjoy being fit or want to appear good while working out on social media. Therefore, before you commit to following a trainer’s recommendations on an app, look into their credentials.

Are you ready to break a sweat? Let’s start today. To get you back in shape, here are the top fitness apps to try.

Obé. Fitness with a flare.

Obé fitness offers tens of thousands of on-demand and live programs. You can complete these at home.

The app conducts all of its programs in a cheerful pastel-colored studio. These entertaining body-weight sessions fit neatly into your schedule for $27 per month or $199 per year. In addition, there are workouts as short as 10 minutes available on demand.

Combine dancing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and pilates to create your unique routine. There are also pre- and post-natal choices taught by professionals in that field if you’re pregnant.

TB12. The app with Attitude.

It’s difficult to look and live like Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback and health nut. However, doing his exercises is the next best thing. His TB12 app — free for the first week, $9.99 per month after that — contains at-home exercises. These exercises use resistance bands and body weight during short high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. In addition, he co-founded the app with his body coach, Alex Guerrero.

The emphasis is on mobility-improving exercises that can assist in preventing injury. They’ve even worked for Brady, who is still at the top of his game at 43 years old. Additionally, you have the option of customizing your entire strategy. Select your sport (from skier to soccer player) or use the “overall athlete” option for a general guide.

An effective workout app assists with the most difficult aspect of getting fit: accountability. It’s only as helpful as it is at holding you accountable. Therefore it must be good at ensuring that you really finish the activity and stay fit. The 30-day strategy from TB12 is a great way to help you accomplish this.

Future Fitness. The revolutionary app for your future.

This app has the potential to revolutionize remote personal training.

Meet Future Fitness, a fitness software that links you with a Future Coach through text to help personalize your routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out at the gym, outside, or at home. Future Fitness is there.

Get a customized training plan designed for you. In addition, get on-demand workouts and routines to do on your own time for $149 per month.

On top of that, get coaching from the Future team when you need it. Your coach works with you to build a routine that makes sense for you.

Additionally, your coach takes into account where you like to train, any injuries or limits, and more. It’s as if you hired a personal trainer in real life. Similarly, if you don’t get along with your current coach, you may easily switch to a new one.

Alo Moves. The Yoga app.

Alo Moves is fitness software that brings the practice of yoga to you, no matter where you are in terms of physical ability or skill level.

Alo Moves, created by the yoga clothing brand, offers not just guided yoga and meditations, but also a collection of other fitness videos, such as HIIT, pilates, core, and more. Your first month is free, after which your membership costs $20 a month or $199 for a year.

The Brrrn Board. The app for bodyweight fitness.

Work out on a board and feel the heat. The Brrrn Board and its membership app are a fresh and exciting way to get in shape by using your body weight.

First, get the board itself. It costs $229 for a five-foot adjustable board and $299 for a six-foot adjustable board. Then, for just $9.99 a month, join up for a monthly membership and gain access to hundreds of sessions that teach you how to slide, balance, sculpt, and more using your Brrrn Board.

A seven-day free trial of the app is included. In addition, other non-board-related routines like yoga, cardio, weight training, and more are also included with the app.

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