Get the lowdown on your medications with iPharmacy iPhone app

The iPharmacy iPhone app has a huge database with the most commonly known drugs of 2010. You can browse or search for any drug by name or by bar code number. When you find the drug you’ve been looking for, there’s a screen that tells you more about it. You can look up its generic name and its scientific name. You can look up the following criteria when considering your drug intake:

  • Indications and usage.
  • Dosage and administration.
  • Adverse reactions: Gives you very important information for problematic reactions with the medicine, along with possible outcomes.
  • Contraindications: Gives you info on side effects and what studies have found about patient reaction to the medicine.
  • Warnings: Supplies basic warning signs and any impairments.
  • Overdosage: Tells you what could happen if you overdose on the medicine.
  • How it’s supplied: Gives you info such as the manufacturer, the description of the pill or med and what it’s made of.

This app is extremely useful, and for this I have given it four bars. For aesthetics and elegance, I give it one bar.

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