Getting the Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

Smartboy Mobile Device for Game Boy

As the Game Boy is one of the most iconic and first mobile games to ever have been developed, it is familiar to many people from that particular era. As a result, the Smartboy is an accessory that attaches over the phone in order to give a similar look and feel as the traditional Game Boy. With the exact same interface as the original version, players are able to experience a high degree of nostalgia through the device. One of the best features of the Smartboy is that traditional cartridges that were used for the original Game Boy can also be plugged into the system in order to be displayed onto the phone. Without the need to install any additional software, the system is extremely easy to implement with a plug-and-play interface that closely resembles the simplicity of the original. Compatible with many Android devices, the Smartboy is one of the best accessories that can be used in order to relive the nostalgic memories of the original portable game system at an affordable price.

Steering Wheel

As the gyroscope on many mobile devices enables a high degree of interaction through vehicle-based games by allowing users to tilt the device as a way to steer, the Steering Wheel is a must-have accessory for a better steering experience. In placing the device at the center of the wheel, users can grasp the handle that resembles a steering wheel in order to better stimulate a real driving sensation. Similarly to the Smartboy, the Steering Wheel is compatible with nearly any mobile phone and is able provide a significant amount of value for those who are looking to enhance their gaming experience for racing games.

iPega Gamepad with Bracket

Although the phone is one of the most user-friendly devices available, gaming can be difficult given the limited screen size relative to finger sizes. With this issue in mind, the gaming experience can be hindered as a result of the lack of intuitive controls. As a result, iPega Gamepad with Bracket is a tool that can introduce the familiar controls of a dedicated gaming controller to the realm of mobile gaming. With this, a physical joystick, buttons, and various triggers can control many of the elements that would otherwise be touchscreen in order to improve the screen visibility and overall experience. Through Bluetooth connection, the phone is mounted in front of the device so that the view is not obstructed and is in a more natural position. Extremely inexpensive, the iPega Gamepad with Bracket is able to enhance the gaming experience for many applicable games, although not all games will be applicable if it is more intuitive to use touchscreen to play.

3D Virtual Reality Headset

One of the latest developments in the mobile space has been virtual reality which places players at the center of the gameplay instead of in 3rd person view. For those who are interested in the virtual reality gaming experience, the 3D Virtual Reality Headset is an accessory that can be used with all mobile phones in order to provide immersive gameplay. With a selection of games that continues to increase regularly, players can experience horror, action, and adventure games like never before. Furthermore, the joystick and 3D Virtual Reality Headset controllers are simple to utilize to control different elements of the game while they use the headset. As the headset is able to fit a variety of sizes, nearly any phone can fit inside in order to start watching and playing games in the virtual reality environment.

Google Chromecast

Given the size restrictions of many mobile phones, playing games on them can be extremely limited. For this reason, the Google Chromecast is a tool that is able to stream the images and sounds of the iPhone to a larger screen such as a television. In being able to display the gameplay right to the TV, users can play as if it were a dedicated console device. Furthermore, the Chromecast offers a simple setup process that only requires users to connect it to a network and then plug it into the TV. In doing so, there is no need for a Smart TV to stream content from the phone. As an inexpensive tool to transform the gaming experience, coupling this with a controller would more closely resemble an actual gaming console like never before which makes it highly recommended for those who are looking for ways to increase the screen size.

For those who are fans of mobile games, the accessories listed in this article are highly recommended in order to enhance the gaming experience. Whether for games that involve steering, Game Boys, or virtual reality, many accessories that may not be known exist in the realm of mobile gameplay which can serve to help players get more value and entertainment from the games.

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