Google’s new app Gemini launched in UK, EU

Gemini Launch

Google has introduced Gemini, its latest application, to the UK and EU markets. The app proposes to substitute Google Assistant, offering users a myriad of useful functionalities—except integration with Google Assistant.

Your smart home devices don’t play ball with Gemini yet—a disheartening limitation for gadget users. However, anticipations buzz with the prospect of Gemini expanding its range to smart home integration. Aside from its inability to interact with smart home devices, the app does pack several punches. It serves as a proficient taskmaster, setting reminders, drafting emails, and fetching information from the internet.

Unveiling Google’s Gemini app in Europe

Users can look forward to swift response times and an easy-to-navigate interface—features rivaling Google Assistant.

Google’s expansion plans chart Gemini’s course into iOS territory through the Google app. A tempting promotion offers a half-price Pixel 8a for every purchase of Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, or Pixel Fold.

Google plans to integrate an editing feature for RCS messaging, much to users’ delight. On a lighter note, Fitbit Ace LTE—a smartwatch for kids—will see the light of day soon. However, the Gemini app seems MIA in the UK Play Store for now.

In the electric vehicles sector, automaker Zeekr makes plans to infiltrate the Hong Kong market with its right-hand drive model, Zeekr X. Mercedes-Benz partners with Chinese firm Momenta to co-develop the next electric CLA model. Not to be left behind, Tesla teams up with BYD’s FinDreams to erect a substantial energy storage factory in Shanghai.

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